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  1. also looking for a good game in that area... let me know
  2. Round 1 1 - Royal_Tour Pupsta 2 - Zimmer4141 InertGrudge 3 - Custom36 RenaeDawn 4 - SFKid teneight 5 - KDawgCometh hoosieralum 6 - PMJackson21 mandelbrot 7 - Smokewagons econ_tim 8 - Spademan loxo 9 - Suited_Up GoBears Round 2 1 - Suited_Up TheCinciKid 2 - Spademan seacucumber 3 - Smokewagons BDC30 4 - PMJackson21don giovanni 5 - KDawgCometh checkymcfold 6 - SFKids Nortonfan 7 - Custom36 dna4ever 8 - Zimmer4141 Governator 9 - Royal_Tour pokerloser Round 3 1 - Royal_Tour Crocd99 2 - Zimmer4141 goose 3 - Custom36 MissIdaho 4 - SFKid Samhard8 5 - KDawgCometh wannabe 6 - PMJackson21 ajs510 7 - Smo
  3. You should be even happier you were picked by the winning team.Ofcourse, that too. :wink: Thanks sweetie. You picked me because I showed you my boobs, didn't you?C'mon, I made the first 3 selections because they have boobs! So, since im on your team can i see your boobs....
  4. im sick at sit n go's.play mostly on empire though, but started playing on stars and winning pretty well so far, mostly pot-limit omaha and NL holdem
  5. cardplayer is the best in my opinion, lots of good articles on all different kinds of topics.
  6. everyones always trying to make a quick buck
  7. You're #81. Send me da money.10$ sent to kolman36.Youngstunna7 on Poker Stars
  8. do u still need one more, if so im in
  9. 898 left, in 413th with a little over 12,000.......still a long way to go.
  10. 2758 left.... I've got a long way to goi 882nd right now with a little over 5000, pretty short but not many chips on the table im at.
  11. its definately correct. Its the free million so there not going to make everyone rich off of it. Once it gets to final 10 they stop the tourney and fly everyone to an exotic location to play the final table on tv.
  12. 1st:$1 MILLION2nd-10th:$10K11th:$1,00012th-50th:$50051st-100th:$100101st-500th:50at table 452 gl to u as well.
  13. Anyone else playing in this, im Speed07, just started and havent played a hand yet after one orbit.
  14. ill send it over right now if i can get in, let me know
  15. No, you can stack your chips however you like.usually they make u keep your biggest chips in front of u.
  16. push with both of those hands, cant see folding either one of those, 2s has to go in the hand thinking they need to catch the set, how do they fold it after they get it?
  17. i would have beat the shit out of them
  18. Started playing 1-2 Limit about 5 years ago in the caddy yard and constantly took money off the older guys. Once I got to college had to switch to NL since that was pretty much the only live game I could find. Playing with the frat bros in .25/.50 NL and constantly winning about 75-150 a week playing 2-4 times a week. Took my game to the B&M over the summer playing 2-5 NL bad for BR managment, but only game available. Was constantly winning about 1000 a week, with a bad week here and there. Right now still playing with the frat bros and killing the game and occasionally making my way
  19. The 2-5 NL game at Mirage is pretty easy, a bunch of tourists and dealers that play in it.
  20. a true degenerate in the making....just kidding
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