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  1. Can anyone swap 250 on FTP for UBHave UBNEED FTP
  2. was going to say in, but that day is Greek Easter so no go
  3. Mich St +4.5UNC -7Ship, Ill take your action if you ship first. Just havent seen you in here beforeUpto 25 each
  4. booked for 25. Also looking for Louisville-7 for upto 25
  5. Im up 10 on you now. If your gonna be betting tomorrow dont worry about shipping til then.
  6. UCONN-5.5 vs MizzouVillanova +2 vs PittWill do upto 25 each
  7. Ill take all of it. Will also go more if you want. So uconn-6 for 25 and moneyline for 10
  8. Tomorrows Games:Louisville-8.5 vs ArizonaOklahoma-1 vs SyracuseKansas+1 vs Mich StNC-8.5 vs Gonzagaupto 25 each
  9. yea, so that wasnt close at all. UB name, or I can ship on FT once I get a transfer. Getitng one tomorrow for SNG Madness
  10. Booked. If anyone wants memphis-4.5 for 10 that is all that is left.
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