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  1. Giants-6 vs SkinsSeahawks-7 vs RamsCardinals-5.5 vs 49ersBears+4.5 vs Packersupto 25 each
  2. bookedGo ahead and take it Crooked, I already have action on it
  3. Cowboys-4 vs BucsFalcons-4 vs FishBengals-4.5 vs BroncosColts-6.5 vs JagsSeahwaks -7.5 vs RamsCardinals -5.5 vs 49ersupto 25 each
  4. only 2,000. You can get Gallo for 300 though.Edit: Didnt want to post anything stupid in this thread. Hope Bill is getting better.
  5. Anyone need any cereus $$ Looking to move 2-300 to ftp.
  6. farnsworth shouldnt be allowed to go on road trips when they go to chicago. Over his career he has like a 9.0 era against them. He is my favorite Royal
  7. delete ftp from computer. go to rakeback site. Follow their instructions. Create new account with different email address, preferrably change something in your name. Maybe thrown in your middle name. After that never log into old account again
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