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  1. did anyone just read that Mike said if he wins the tourney, he would still be a 10k loser for the day after he pays his bookies.LOL
  2. GG Hoosier a10<77Out in 8th.
  3. FT for HoosierCongrats!TAKE IT DOWN!
  4. That was an absolutely sick hand. Hit the str8 immediately!Just sick
  5. Hoosier short stacked at 210KHe's grindin right now!Go get em"
  6. Hoosiers 22>KJup to 356KJust what the doctor ordered!
  7. Hoosier 12/18 with 230KHanggggging 'round!Go get 'em
  8. Matasow won a big one 1010>99 back to 650K
  9. 4 way all in on Hoosiers table. KK>, QQ, J10, 108Sick
  10. AQ>77 at the break hornUp to 191KGo get em!
  11. Big hand for HoosierA10> AQUpt to 130must be a greatly welcomed pot before the break Wow for like 20 minutes?Talk about a bad beat!
  12. Hoosier must be cold decked. Hasn't played a pot since the 88 v KQ MM hand.Down to 90K33 left almost at break.
  13. Matsauw has won every coin flip, most of which he was dominated in when the money went in.Hoosier holding at 110K
  14. That was a tough oneHoosiers 88< MM's KQ
  15. Not at final table yet, $213,814 with 63 leftedit: Never mind brain dead. You know whats going on......Hoosier's AA> 99up to 255,0853rd of 53
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