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  1. HTInk your soo clever , just help me out if u can guys thansk
  2. says it takes 24HOURS to sed the valid email, i dont actually wanna be a part of there site ne way just wanna see waht they say on this. thanks.
  3. who would win HU, Ozzy 87 or Never Win, i wanna hear what they say,.thanks to whom ever helps me
  4. gj being an idoit tho teneight
  5. Rules For Triple Crown?by johnnybax on 12/20/2005 16:59 Is this a Triple Crown?4th in Dise 150NL last night.5th in PP 100NL today.5 left in UB 100NL now.Bax
  6. what is this a poker site or network or what?
  7. those are just random tho i want the bars...
  8. Computer music players have visualizers that go along with the music.Do u know where I could get one that shows the EQs, kinda...I need help cuz I dont really know what its called.But the LED bars on a real mixer that measures the different frequencies on the track Like winamp has a small one in the main play window but I want a full screen one, thanks for any help.
  9. bmwguys is a ****ing moron, all your pozsts suck ass.
  10. SlickDick


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