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  1. I think this makes sense. You just started working our regularly for one thing. For another, you are probably in the top 5% of guys with your level of blond highlights, so don't feel bad at all. A good gauge is your body weight. If you can work up to benching what you weigh, that is pretty good. If all else fails, 'Roids are an option.Here is a poker question, while I'm here. Can you do a brief overview of stack size considerations both pre-flop and beyond. For example, say a nitty player raises pre-flop and you are behind him with a marginal holding. What is the minimum stack you need nitty t
  2. This was cold. True, but cold. We will win though for sure. It's a meaningless game, so of course we will. Obv.
  3. This is so sweet. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'll certainly be hungover. We'll finally have time to sip lattes and talk about fashion together. So fabulous!
  4. Even Metros heal. He's got strength, speed, and blond tips. What more does a Gladiator need?Let's start working on the ridiculous things he'll need to say while on the show to keep with the theme of contestants to date who are allowed to have one (and at most two) personality trait which is harped on all show. We'll assume these are that he plays poker for a living and that secondarily he is a raging metrosexual. Preliminary thoughts -1. Well Hulk, I play poker for a living. I'm ready to go all in tonight and these gladiators need to be prepared to do the same if they think they are slowing me
  5. I like the unnecessary use of "poker" in the last sentence. He couldn't have just said chips there? I think he's doing two things here -1) Looking for us to Email him and say, "you know that latest analogy wasn't that bad, just avoid the math". Of course, this is never happening. This one wouldn't have been so bad though, if he would have just said "he's much more likely to push all of his chips into the middle" or something of that nature. Of course, he still makes it ridic.2) Email and be like, "would you f&ckin' stop it? Seriously, it's just ultra-annoying now" in an imaginative way so
  6. Where is looshle now? I will say what's up.
  7. 8025 at break. Dinner just ended. Thanks for the support guys. Table 12 now kurt if you are still around. I played with jc tran for 1 hour. He is a total sicko obv. More updates later. Come on day 2.
  8. Since when do you have non-poker playing friends?
  9. Right. Raise and a re-raise in front of me....what do I have? T5s? ****, I better raise this puppy up. That's what Sklansky would do.
  10. I'll get them up as soon as I can but it might be a day or so. This corporate job really cuts into my free time....
  11. I'll definitely bring my Metro *** back. I can even rope in a few others if necessary. I'm done with those Pina Coladas though. I'm still feeling the burn...
  12. I'm straight. I just look gay. There is a difference. It's thin, but there is one.
  13. Good. We need a huge donk to build a game around.
  14. How many people we have so far for this home game?
  15. Vick,Can we maybe set up an evite for people that are interested with the details. We can provide the info there so that it isn't in a public forum in case 5-0 in Palos wants to start acting a fool?
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