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  1. Yah Im back and I won!! sorry for the now pointless post )
  2. Anyone apart from me having probs with stars tonight? Im on the net but stars just wont connect??? I was on the last hand of a $5 heads up sng ahead when it cut out. Im out of shark searches so if anyone can tell me if i wont that would be cool. Im bossyrossy on stars. Thanks....gl at the tables )
  3. That's how you do it!! Thanks Jam-Fly. knew I was being a donkey and it would be easy.
  4. Thats the Rules mate, not how to use the forum???
  5. I will mate, but I'm off travelling round the world as of the 5th of July so last night was my last visit for a while unfortunately...love that place!
  6. There must be a user guide for this forum but all I can find is the rules. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have tried using the search. I want to know how to add a signature and also add an avatar, this is probably really simple!!Also I have started a poker blog, let me know what you guys think...cheersBossyrossy Blog
  7. Cappy37....I have looked at your sig loads of times now and don't get the joke, please enlighten me!
  8. I'm guessing its around the 50-75 million mark. My thinking behind this is.....remember a while back there was talk of a 10 million dollar buy in tourney which 6 players were gonna take part in. Ivey was the first to put his name down. In order to do that he must either be one sick mofo playing outside of his roll, have people taking a % of him, be worth 50-100 mill or all of the above.Answers on a postcard!!
  9. Thanks guys helpful as always!Gonna check out those two sites. Watched a Stox video on youtube and seemed pretty good but it was 200/400...not quite there yet...lolWill post with my findings.
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