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  2. 1 down... call phils bounty if there is one... just saying
  3. bob did i PM u? i forgot i think i did it otherday during lunch but not sure
  4. PSU PSU MIN CASH BAByyyyy now bob is this hat like the one i previously have or would it be a different one? if its same ill take the money so LMK
  5. odds on me starting off +5k agn veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slim
  6. how so? i meant start up times as liong as it starts at 9pm im good
  7. Lets see... Next tuesday is really bad... fri and sat nights really bad. b4 530 pm est is bad and after 9 pm est is bad. I think that is all I have as of this moment that could change
  8. THEEEE PSUFANS2 will be running on the platform of ryans gameplan
  9. i went with the stop playing to maintain method... do u kno when the TOC will be yet?
  10. what u gotta be gay to bang men its kinda a requirement
  11. URBZ in a nutshell imo with a lil fyp at the end
  12. saturday will definately not work i work every saturday and friday.... i need nights around 9 in order to play tuesdays r generaly the best for me cept next tuesday does not work.
  13. sighhhhballs 10.6k tho gg sir udaman
  14. PokerStars Game #48869589693: Tournament #327010677, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLI (50000/100000) - 2010/08/30 0:23:54 ETTable '327010677 126' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: zipper1317 (9639917 in chips) Seat 2: lqd66 (1834922 in chips) Seat 3: jcashx36x (1507926 in chips) Seat 4: 420intuition (1813156 in chips) Seat 5: sharky2323 (2552952 in chips) Seat 6: R.J_Legit (1932539 in chips) Seat 7: BLITZ2187 (3782493 in chips) Seat 8: Coen2000 (1148853 in chips) Seat 9: 3kenny3 (1517242 in chips) zipper1317: posts the ante 12500lqd66: posts the ante 12500jcashx36x: posts the ante
  15. PokerStars Game #48869490055: Tournament #327010687, $50+$5 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXVII (12500/25000) - 2010/08/30 0:19:36 ETTable '327010687 104' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: GoodCallDonk (2151245 in chips) Seat 2: jcashx36x (1407094 in chips) Seat 3: jack.pozz1 (1789860 in chips) Seat 4: Phoenician88 (385701 in chips) Seat 7: JohnFR (407288 in chips) Seat 8: drOppzPT (326938 in chips) Seat 9: BleedBlue33 (1781874 in chips) GoodCallDonk: posts the ante 2500jcashx36x: posts the ante 2500jack.pozz1: posts the ante 2500Phoenician88: posts the ante 2500JohnFR: posts the ante 2500drOp
  16. OOOooooOOO domeagedoubled already ak>a8 6/9
  17. no this is not a double post hes at another at same time 52r1a almost 7k for firstjcashx36x 9/9 but can double and get back in thisLETS GOOOOOOOOalso if this guy doenst get feature member somethings wrong
  18. jcashx36x ft of the 100k on stars 3/9almost 21k to first lets go BABYYYY ship it to hawaii
  19. gl sir tid and win thousands ( more thousands in ur case obv
  20. o baby i am sexy but idk if im dav sexy
  21. lol bruh dont say stuff like u wont take less than 10... if u guys chopped there ur looking at more than 10 ur looking like 17 dude
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