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  1. Has Daniel won a hand in the 2 hours the show has been on? So much for that theory of trying to make the pros look good on tv....doesnt look like thats whats happening, although I can see where they are going with this :-)
  2. so saneman....why don't you prove me wrong.
  3. Odds are you break even, but it makes it fun....there is no fee or anything like that, and since we are on the rail it wouldn't matter with regards to rake, etc.In a simple prop where everytime a 2 hits the flop you get $1, and everytime a 3 hits the flop I get a $1, between two people you are saying that isn't even?
  4. Hey guys,Recently I played in a game where they had a few prop bets to make the game more fun. I had read about props and thought it would be fun, but wow, it made it SO much more fun. It got me thinking about an idea that would be fun to try online.I want to test the idea tonight on a given table...maybe on Pstars since thats where the other guys who wanted to try it are. Each of us would have a number of small props along with a few larger (but rarer of course) ones. By the end of it we should break close to even, but it could make for some fun.This would only be during the first hour, wh
  5. He took them from my friend Jon....I told him last night, get your chips from the other guys cause I want to see Allen go far also :-)
  6. min raise to get free river, although Daniel probably bluffs the turn if he misses anyway. Flush card hit river too, so I bet Daniel was a little worried.Gonna be a roller coaster I guess.
  7. Negreanu Makes Up Some GroundJames Johnson raises to $4,000 preflop and Daniel Negreanu calls. The player on the button, Jason Fields, also calls and the flop comes 733. Johnson bets out $5,000 and Negreanu min-raises to $10,000. Fields folds and Johnson calls. The turn puts the 5 on the board and Johnson checks. Negreanu bets $15,000 and Johnson calls. The river brings the 8 and Johnson again checks. Negreanu bets $40,000 and Johnson pushes all-in for $25,000 more. Negreanu calls and shows 64 for a turned straight and his opponent shows only pocket 10's for an over pair to the board a
  8. Ya, he has dropped down to 200K, but thats still well more than enough.
  9. "Ok be honest here are the top 159 - how many had you heard of two weeks ago?"for me its only DN Alan Cunningham (i guess) Brenes and ForrestDmitri Nobles $549,200 46 6 Yuriy Kozinskiy $443,300 137 4 Jon Lane $405,400 135 1 Ken Jacobs $375,300 149 5 Daniel Pelletier $334,300 34 7 Daniel Negreanu $331,000 11 9 Jason Strasser $319,000 38 4 Terris Preston $313,300 56 4 Jon is a friend of mine who is very well known on the internet from the past few years, although now he has moved to Vegas and plays much more live. If you look last year, he was also near chip le
  10. Daniel, I see you're reading this....good luck tomorrow....hope you are on the featured table and kick ***. My friend is chipleader after the first flight of day 2 with 405k!
  11. I'm glad to see someone is capable of responding without acting immature. I see your point. I'm not exactly new here, and I probably am one of the earlier people to start reading this blog (read from the beginning, joined later). I have actually played with Daniel before and despite what most of you might think about how he plays, I'd say he is more focused and serious than watching on tv might have you think, especially when he's involved in a hand (that matters, not in the lower limit cash games where he goofs around obviously).I have followed Daniel's main event results the last few year
  12. Wow, interesting reaction from the forum. Kind of turned the wrong direction though.The post was not meant to try and tell Daniel that he plays wrong by being talkative or anything like that. It was more to say good luck and that we hope he does well, and just to be focused and remember that this is the one tournament of the year worth taking a little more serious than the rest. There are 1000s of people playing this year that want to make sure they have a good time since they won't get there again. Daniel is not one of them, and this tournament is (I would think) his main hope as a poker
  13. no more post.too many immature people here.
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