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  1. I think it was 40K in season one boots, and 50K in season two. Im not sure about the most recent one.
  2. You can always ask when you are putting your name on the list if they prefer you bring your chips to the table from the cage, or if you should get them at the table.Also, dont let the jackpot affect your play at all if there is one. It will end up costing you more money in the long run. Dont do anything to disqualify yourself if it does hit, but just play your game. If it comes, it comes. If all you want is a jackpot. Play slots.
  3. To get into one of the games you have to put your name on the list/board. When a seat is open in the game(s) you want you will be called. You can't just go sit down, although Ive seen people get away with it.Tips go to the dealear or waitresses or whomever usually with chips. I usually tip about $1 per $20 in the pot. Or $1 for any pot less than that. Also, if a dealer is doing anything inappropriate such as talking about hands while in play, or stuff like that I usually wont tip. That doesnt include misdeals or things like that as long as they're properly corrected, cause that will happ
  4. I noticed that only a few rooms spread omaha. I was wondering if anyone knew where my best bet would be to find games, and which games were the softest. Thanks.
  5. Ill be in vegas the 27-30th. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tournaments with less than a $100 buy in. Ill be going with a group and we'll basically just be looking for somewhere we can play for a few hours if one of us goes deep without investing too much money. Thanks.
  6. I dont mind being the first to say Im down for 2005. I won a little over $1,000 playing live and lost about $1500 online. So about $500 down overall. Im thinking about just quitting playing online. I do take some bad beats, but I just dont think my game is suited for online play. Does that even make sense? Like the idiot I am though, Im sure Ill make another deposit. Oh well. Good luck to everyone, and You are welcome to all those winners Ive contributed too.
  7. I used to collect, I still like to pull them out and look at them from time to time, or Ill pick up a pack every few months. I collected mostly baseball though. Its a pretty cool hobby I think.
  8. It's ebay canada. So, that's like what 1.2 mil US? Gotta love them Canadians, eh?
  9. I play in my B&M cause I cant win online. And I like actually touching the cards and chips, and being around the people. But the main reason is I cant win online.
  10. Made 70 bucks. It said I was skilled.
  11. When I have a small tourney like this, I like to start with 100 in chips 40 in singles and 12 5's start with 1-2 blinds and increase the blinds everytime someone is eliminated. It allows for plenty of play but doesnt take too long, when it get's down to heads up increase the blinds every 10-15 minutes.
  12. If 5'11" 155lbs qualifies as fat then yes, I am. I just think its silly for a bunch of people to be on a guys case because of his weight. And, I dont really think people should be banned for this, but I do wish these types of topics would just be quickly blocked or deleted. Youre right though I shouldnt waste anymore of my time here in this thread. Obviously, nobody wants there to be any resistance while they make fun of someone who isnt around to defend themselves.
  13. Okay smig, youre right. He's ordered large drinks and probably eaten unhealthy meals. He absolutely deserves to have a bunch of people making fun of him.
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