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  1. I'm looking for Ray Finkle. And a clean pair of shorts!
  2. I know some CC companies would rather not work with gambling sites, for somewhat obvious reasons (cc fraud, etc). But this is not legislation, and Canadian banks are not affected by this law.CapitalOne being one of these companies.
  3. Ever notice that those people who "don't care" about using proper grammar and spelling are stupid?Yeah, I've noticed that too.
  4. I woke up my girlfriend in the next room because I was laughing so hard.Nice hand.
  5. You ever tried selling or buying a house?It's a HUGE pain in the ***, even with an agent working for you. Try doing that without someone knowing exactly what to do.And imagine if you screw things up? This isn't a $10000 car that you're buying...I'm not a real estate agent. I'm just saying, there's a reason they get paid well.
  6. Eat out a 40-something internet whore's *******.Wait, that's been done.Seriously tho, I think she's kinda hot.I have a weird thing for older women.
  7. nope. only the winner got paid out last year. Pretty gay.
  8. Karma is a *****.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...&hl=foxwoodsproBTW, why are you drinking Long Islands?I'm a bartender, and 40 year old ladies drink those like water.
  9. You should get your mom to play your cash games, but I heard grandmas do better in tourneys.
  11. If I win a pot on the river, without a showdown, and show one person my cards, do i have to show everyone?What exactly is the "show one, show all" rule applicable to?Some digusting old guy bitched about that to the dealer, and they called the floor over, who ruled that i had to show. Killed my tight agg image, and I called him a whiner. I'm not normally emotional or abusive, but I was so mad.Was I wrong in this?
  12. It's so like someone from Toronto to think like that. I don't think people in Toronto know about the distaste in the rest of the country for the "centre of the universe." At any rate the CFL is at an all time high when it comes to ratings, profits, and attendance. They've set records over the past season.As far as finding the CFL unentertaining, I find it more so in many aspects. The three down rule allows for a lot more passing plays, rather than grinding out ten yards at a time. In addition, if you caught this years Grey Cup, you would have seen some of the most entertaining football in rece
  13. Yeah, to be honest, there's TONS of US bashing up here.And as for whining about globalization, the US has imposed fees on our softwood lumber exports that is destroying many forestry companies here in BC.The WTO has ruled that it's illegal, MANY times.And the US is just ignoring the ruling. So much for free trade.'It works both ways.
  14. I would have taken the Winston Churchill approach."I may have just donked off $150 dollars, but I can earn that back in an hour. You'll still be fat and ugly in an hour. "
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