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  1. Just under $500 for today gonna take a break I'm finishing up a 8 hour session.
  2. You did not make the wrong move. You were dominating pre-flop. Getting out drawn was not the bad play.
  3. No censored it would be a good idea to know what move u should make in every position...DUH...that's why people play so much to learn ever situation possible.
  4. Grinding early this morning hit two big pots.... I"m up $425....By the way thanks for every one believing in me!!!!PS: If i go broke i will post it.
  5. The odds of that flop are 19,599 to 1
  6. GL...may all your cards be live and pots be capped
  7. It's goin pretty good as of now I'm up to $360 made a little over $60 today. I actually have pretty bad luck, but i know how to take pots. I'm not an awesome player but I know what it takes to keep winning. As for moving up in limits not until I make that 1k in .25/.50.
  8. I'm not going to play over what my bankroll permits $300 and I'm staying at the .25/.50 NLHE until I reach 1K. I was mostly wondering if it is likely that I will make it to that point. PS SN is the same as on here.
  9. Last FridayI posted this...http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...3305&highlight=...Since then I begang grinding it out at .05/.10, which after three hours I became very annoyed and frustrated with. I moved up to .25/.50 and built my original $100 bankroll to just under $300. I've now challenged my self to get to $1000 by the end of this week. I believe it's possible. Do you?
  10. Here's one I've used...http://www.dakotapokerleague.com/point_system.htm
  11. Really where the censored is this video?
  12. I''ve seen Evelyn play on Poker Stars pretty amazing player
  13. If u really have a problem? Poker Stars software is rated #1
  14. Gergery said he challenges DN....It's gonna be a challenge for him to beat DN!!!
  15. originally i began playing at party poker with a deposite of $50. Grinded out low limits till i got to $250 cashed out $200 and lost the last $50. I'm starting up again $100 was an amount i could feel comfortable with win or lose. Thanks for the advice so far.
  16. I deposited $100 on pokerstars and I'm not sure what level I should start out at. My instinct says .25/.50. What does every one think?
  17. i was watchin a rematch between the two at about 5:00AM central. Halfrek has about 9k left he takes 6k off of Mike Matusow. Halfrek is up to 15k (simple math). Mike raises 3XBB Halfrek reraises Mike puts Halfrek all in. Mike has AA Halfrek has KJ. Flop comes J K J. Halfrek doubles up and leaves... 30K in his pocket
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