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  1. Poker Stars is only 9 seats top 3 get paid!!!
  2. Don't think they're that easy, but I've cashed 17 out of 20 times at poker stars. I play em when ever I'm down from the ring games.
  3. I hear variance is a bitch. Maximize your wins Minimize your loses...DUH!!!
  4. Oh Yeah!!! Those poker strategy pamphlets... :roll:
  5. Wish u were playing a bad beat jackpot table. Losing with quad queens and a straight flush to a royal is f***ed up.
  6. 1. Remember to relax adrenaline can get pumping just from being in a real casino. Especailly if you are in a big hand.2. Table selection is very important. Don't all sign up for the same table. It's ok to have maybe one friend acroos the table from you, but more that it just be like playing a home game.3. Manage your money. Take what you are willing to spend. Leave credit/ debit/check cards at home ATMs are temping.4. You're not online any more take note of body language and real tells.5. Look around find out who's in charge. If you need a pit boss, y
  7. It usually goes like this for me. Something to drink, bathroom, cigarette, and then look around the room like DERRRRRRRRR.
  8. That would be pretty cool but for right now it's a rumor.
  9. I had to clear the requirement before i was able to cashout.
  10. Didn't do too well last night I'm at $480.
  11. I gonna get laptop too. I'm gonna order one from http://www.falcon-nw.com
  12. Don't use poker tracker where do i get it?
  13. How hard is it to clear the 100% bonus for Full Tilt?
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