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  1. Party Poker especially does that that's why I stopped playing there. Now i play on Poker Stars and Full Tilt that doesn't happen that often.
  2. I play on Poker Stars and Full Tilt, and i like both very much. Poker Stars has no bonus CODE, but once in a while the will have a 20% bonus for sign up(by once in a while i mean like twice a year). Full Tilt has a 100% bonus all the time and the give it to you in incraments of 10%. So if u deposit $100 you get it every time you clear $10 up to that $100. Both sites are awesome but there are alot of pros on both.
  3. I know this has most likely has been posted before but I need a rake back site for full tilt...
  4. Why don't you pay the $40 and tell us how it is...
  5. gonna clear the first 10% today.
  6. They pay them 10% at a time so every $10 for me.
  7. Are you serious 1000xBB? No matter how bad the variance, your luck or skill is no one needs 1000 XBB. It's over kill if I ever heard of it. I can see 500 for extreme safety but never 1000.
  8. Don't have the program automatically log you in or save your password so when you are drunk you won't remember your password. :wink:
  9. When i used to play party poker i would cascade the windows.
  10. My rank from best to worst: 1. Pokerstarts2. Full Tilt Poker3. Ultimatebet4. Paradise Poker5. Partypoker6. Bodog7. Poker Champs8. Doyles RoomHonorable mention Poker Room
  11. Just want to get that %100 bonus. Playing .5/.10 NL.
  12. End of the week and I made it to $730.
  13. Nice flop but u gotta earn that 1st place
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