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  1. Maybe I missed it, but was there a denial of the bet in there? I wonder if Vaswani will be shpping back all the money he's made off of donks in his lifetime. Anyone have that list?
  2. You called your stack with AK on the first hand? You suck.
  3. I liked when Phil Hellumth came on and disagreed with pretty much everything Phil Gordon said when analyzing the hands.
  4. Phil Gordon is a disingenuous liar. I'm tired of hearing this crap, "how woud you feel. . .". The truth of the matter is, this lawsuit is not being funded by the players, it's being funded by video game companies and online poker sites. Just because they do an end around by paying the players "fees" so they can use their "own" money to file the suit, doesn't mean the players are actually funding the suit. Just look at the players involved and their affiliations.The public propaganda the ungrateful 7 are throwing out there is shameful. Go ahead and file your lawsuit, but don't make it sound lik
  5. You have no stake in a pot once you fold, so I don't see how it was unfair to Filippi. And players can pretty much do anything they agree to in a cash game.
  6. Chop ChopWith no raises, Michael Binger and Dan Nassif see a flop of 754. Both players check. The turn brings the 7. Binger fires out $200,000 and Nassif just calls. The river brings the 7 and Binger checks to Nassif who bets out $500,000. Binger calls and shows Q-7 for 7-7-7-5-5. Nassif, however, also shows a seven with K-7 in his hand. The players chop the pot.
  7. You know Daniel was sweating the boat at that point. Nothing worse than min-raise donking into you gutshot only to be drawing dead.
  8. You think you can go through 8000+ players w/o getting into coinflips? Good luck.
  9. You'd think "poker genius" Howard Lederer would know better than to bet $200 million into a $2 million pot.The players will lose the antitrust portion of the lawsuit for sure. Howard Lederer held his Full Tilt Invitational through Station Casinos, so obviously there are other venues in Vegas where you can hold a televised tournament successfully.The only way the players win is if they can convince he court that poker tours should not be allowed to exist. Suppose the players were to win this argument. Then what? Will we see a flurry of independent poker tournaments pop up that strike their inde
  10. Why wouldn't the final table be all NL?NL is by far the most skillful game, when blinds are reasonable. The mixed game format and 50k buy in was good for sifting out all the crappy Kanters of the poker world, but the final table should be as Doyle calls it, "The Cadillac of Poker". (of course Cadillacs aren't even the Caddilacs of cars anymore, but it was relevant in '78). This is the true championship of poker, not the Main Event Donkfest.
  11. John D'AgonstinoPhil IveyBarry GreensteinDavid Benyamine
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