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  1. Mmm. It's one of the easiest to clear. Especially if you wait for their double FPPs promotion period. Plus, the cash value for the FPP you gain while clearing it is very good, with all the books they have in the FPP shop and stuff...
  2. True. I saw a guy 3-bet with 87o earlier.Fold anyway. When you call, he has AA
  3. The slots are in the other room, sir.
  4. Raven. Played by that hysterical black girl that used to be in the Cosby show when she was a kid. She's like a female Steve Urkel only worse, because it's even less acceptable now that it was then.
  5. If it was to fold to that, why did you 3 bet AQ oop preflop ? If flop had been A 6 8 rainbow and action the same, would you have folded too ? If not, why ? What hands do you think he might have ?
  6. Plan 9 from Outer SpaceGigliSon of the MaskSpice Worldmany more... havent' seen that one or the original.
  7. I really think some of you voting for Bay have never seen an Ed Wood movie. Try watching Plan 9 from outer space or one of his latter soft porns in one sitting (alone. Watching it while goofing with friends doesn't count). After that, you'll be quite happy to watch Armageddon 10 times in a row, and then will write a paper about it being a masterpiece.Plan 9 has flying saucers in flames that are actually car pieces bathed in lighter fluid and set aflame, hanging from a visible cord in front of a cardboard photograph of a city.Best line from the movie is when a girl ET (human in silver suits) s
  8. Nowadays, when I'm in a downswing that starts pissing me off, I fall back to one table only and reread a book while playing, usually SSHE. When I'm certain no new leaks have appeared in my game, I slowly go back to multitabling. I never take a break while in a downswing. That pisses me off too much.
  9. 24. I can watch one season with virtually no break.Lost, I have to stop once in a while or it gets on my nerves. It's sometimes too slow, and some characters are too stupid. Kim Bauer is stupid but nice to look at. So that's ok.
  10. You bloat the pot with marginal hands (especially SH) to justify putting more money in on the flop even if you're not a huge favorite. This reasoning seems flawed to me. Not at 6-max it doesn't. And especially not on Party Poker .5/1. You have no fold equity. The effect on your image won't compensate for what you lose overplaying preflop hands that are quite bad short handed (especially if you go to SD to show them). Plus, on party .5/1, players don't notice. Even the ones that type in chat will have forgotten that a few hands after.
  11. Sell out. Negotiate more. Don't sell exclusivity unless for a gazillion. Your blog got popular for some reasons you may not like, but it's popular. So make money from that.
  12. Maybe. But as his posts helped me improve my game, a lot (credit also goes to Kdawg, wrto, iceman, and some more), I really don't care. Actually, a lot of his replies make me laugh.
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