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  1. Congrats and very well deserved! :icon_smile:
  2. Made 2 of the WSOP $1,500 with 62.3k chips going to 600/1,200! 71/348 left w/ 324 cashing. Anybody know anyone at this table? I don't recognize a single name. Restart is at 2pm due to the likely massive $1k turnout and One Drop starting at 1:11.308 Dario Sammartino 56700 Amazon / 382 / 1309 Sage Nelson 40300 Amazon / 382 / 2310 William Michalski 36600 Amazon / 382 / 3311 Justin Filtz 62300 Amazon / 382 / 4312 Marcio Cid 69800 Amazon / 382 / 6313 Joseph Morneau 56300 Amazon / 382 / 7314 Ted Spear 39400 Amazon / 382 / 8315 Christopher Richter 20600 Amazon / 382 / 9
  3. I think the obv pick was Daniel. 5 players to choose from is cool tho! The above poster's name is 5centHero which I find awesome for so,e reason.
  4. Read Daniel Holdem book and learn small ball. Practice a lot online and with friends at home games that are friendly low stakes. Study a lot and be willing to change most importantly! Gl!
  5. Bye Round 1 after "opponent" blinding off for an hourI defeated Jeff Lisandro in Round 2 in a 2 hour grueling Match. Nice guy and he was singing for stretches during the match. His 2009 WSOP Player of the Year banner was right behind him in my view the entire time. HahaRound 3 my opponents name was Adam and he had a really good HU game. He got hit by the deck early and had a 5-1 lead on me. I fought back over the next hour and then lost A6<Q8 aipf to bust. I played well but couldn't overcome some tough breaks ths match.Gl to Josh today. (Gilbertology) He was the first to win his R3 match be
  6. Good stuff. I was going to do the Quad Jacks $250 WSOP Fantasy draft but then found out it wasn't a live draft at the RIO.
  7. I prefer live play but online used to be fun as well when Americans could still play.
  8. Welcome to all the new FCP members! Daniel would you recommend a few tips to the new FCPers on how they can get involved in the FCP forums?
  9. 1st event I'm playing is this Monday. $1,500 NLH Gl to any FCPers playing!
  10. Cool to see this is back again with some nice prizes!I'll be playing a full schedule of events at this years WSOP again. Feeling great about my game going into the series! Time to win a bracelet!Disappointed that there is not an FCP players group. I root for all the FCP players though!
  11. I'm arriving in Vegas this Sunday the 27th the day before my first event. I'll be playing a full schedule of events at this years WSOP again! Feeling great about my game going into the series! Time to win a bracelet!
  12. The rants I have watched have been funny!
  13. These are very good poker books to read
  14. Funny Stuff! Glad they are back!
  15. Thanks for the consideration! Justin and Cobalt are both nice guys so may the most votes win!
  16. I like the live chat idea. If Bob could integrate DNs twitter on the main page in general the forum could provide feedback realtime what he's discussing too.
  17. I like to keep the pots small so I have the opportunity to make more decisions later in the hand.
  18. ggWow that's crazy! $2m for 1st!62,000 players lol!
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