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  1. Raymer's been to the WSOP since 2001 if i'm not mistaken. Correct my if i'm wrong, but I believe he came 12th in an Omaha event in 2001.
  2. You can get the first episode from mininova.orgSecond is yet to be found.
  3. Vince Carter is still responsible for any fan base Toronto has.
  4. Toronto WILL NOT make the players. They'll slide into 11th and stay comfortable.
  5. CuJo taking out the ref is always a good laugh.
  6. Never going to lift off. Too many premier events as it is.
  7. From the angle I saw the "kick" you can see his head facing the other way. I believe he was just trying to turn around.
  8. Scotty. "If you call this one it's all over, baby."
  9. I believe that Arieh is the better player. He has two WSOP bracelets in PL Omaha and NLH (think it's NLH).
  10. Ovechkin is scoring 30% of his teams goals. Well, he was at one point not too long ago.
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