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  1. You are right, we should completely ignore chipstacks and look at the table via what we percieve there experience to be. Its obvious that Kido is a serious threat, because they say he is the other pro at the table. He obviously would not want to exploit his shortstack to accumulate more chips later. It must be that he psychically knew that he had a weaker ace and was betting to protect his hand and bluff Bell off the hand.
  2. Having a 2.4 mil chipstack versus a 1.7, a 1.2, and a 0.7 with very drastic changes in the prize pool would give him a lot of leeway, especially since the other two would be wary to really get involved until Kido was knocked out. He could easily pad his lead further in this type of situation. Then again, he could also have the best hand, leaving him with a very big chip lead. There are plenty of reasons for the chipleader to keep the shortstack around, even if he is a good player.
  3. Anyone give any credence to the idea that Ted may have actually wanted the shortstack to remain? It appears as though he did a fair bit of stealing at that point, and I wouldnt consider it impossible for him to weigh the extra power his chipstack has against three people vying for position as well as the possibility that he can draw out by the end as enough of a reason to bet.
  4. Since you gain a lot more value out of fold equity in tourneys it becomes more ideal to play hands more aggressively then they really should. In cash games the fold equity you pick up is often counteracted by the chance of running into a much bigger hand. A brief synopsis, but I hope it helps. Then again, I am not an authoritive figure in this area so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  5. Was playing a little nl earlier and this interesting hand came up...I had been playing fairly conservatively and shown a propensity to fold hands to aggression and the button in this hand was ultra-lag and had been playing pretty much on tilt the last three hands... Onto the hand...PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (9 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxMP2 ($19.50)MP3 ($22.35)CO ($112.60)Button ($39.90)SB ($31.60)Hero ($49.60)UTG ($64.15)UTG+1 ($43)MP1 ($61.75)Preflop: Hero is BB with [Kc], [Jc]. 4 folds, Hero checks.I dont like playing hands like this too hard pf as it generally makes my play on the flop more difficult by giving my opponents much to gracious of a hand range.Flop: ($2.25) [Kd], [Th], [7d] (4 players)Hero bets $1, Hero calls $3.Nice flop for me, especially with the repop from the tilted button. At this point I consider coming over the top, but I am pretty sure his bet means he either has a weak king and wants me to define my hand, or he has a pretty decent draw. Considering this information I figure I get the most value out of calling this bet and checkraising a safe turn.Turn: ($10.25) [Ts] (2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $5, Hero calls $5.This is where my plan takes an abrubt halt. I absolutely love this card. I can say with a pretty good degree of certainty that this is the one card my opponent could not be playing and guarantees that I will induce a bluff out of him on the river. I insta-call in the hopes that he thinks he can shake me off my hand.River: ($20.25) [4s] (2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $30.4 (All-In), Hero calls $30.40.He moves-in as predicted and I call.Final Pot: $81.05So does this fall under the category as too passive, or was it the correct play to get the aggros chips into the pot?
  6. Dont you hate wading through 4 hrs of tables to get to an above average stack with 13 people left, only to run into aces and kings twice with tpgk shorthanded?!?!? I sure do!!
  7. If you deposited a certain amount through neteller then when you cash out you will recieve two emails. One that says you withdrew this much and it has been credited to your neteller, and one that says you withdrew this much and it will be deposited within 72 hrs. Maybe thats it?
  8. Assuming your opponents are not complete donkeys, I dont think you need to call here. You have one of the kings, the other player that woke up on the turn probably has the other one of em, leaving nothing but a pocket pair that made a full house or a straight that came through for the sb to wake up on the river too. I honestly dont see you winning this 1 out of 6 times considering that it will probably be capped. In fact, if it turns out the trip kings are good, you are probably splitting with one of the two remaining players, so you have to be better then one in three times. I fold it.
  9. Incredibly weak made hand with a somewhat coordinated board with a flush draw and 8 other players out of position... I checkfold.
  10. Advice, recommendations?PokerStars 0.50/1.00 Hold'em (10 handed) converterPreflop: Hero is BB with [Qd], [Kc]. 4 folds, MP2 calls, CO calls, Button calls, SB folds.Raising offsuit overcards in the bb. Heard arguments for and against. With this many limpers I just had to.Flop: (9 SB) [Kd], [5d], [Ks] (4 players)Hero bets, MP2 folds, CO calls, Button calls.Bet. If someone has a king they will convince themselves its a continuation bet. There is also the diamond draw present.Turn: (6 BB) [9s] (3 players)Hero checks, CO checks, Button bets, Button calls.Should I have just outright raised it instead of the cr? Cap alright?River: (14 BB) [4h] (2 players)Hero bets, Hero calls.Go ahead and three-bet this?Final Pot: 18 BBThanks for any input.
  11. Because he has all the aces and he figures you wouldnt bet with queens full.
  12. Hey, didnt want to make a new thread so I thought I would just hijack this one...This morning I won my first big mtt tourney and won entrance into one of the WCOOP events. Seeing as I would much prefer the money in my bankroll as opposed to in the tournament, I was wondering how I would go about transferring it? Do I just unregister from said tourney?
  13. Mike doesnt need to have a nine to move in there. Thus, people will call him without a nine. There are many hands that would call an aggressive player on that board that doesnt beat him.
  14. closing the action? with such good odds?Tough board, tons of redraws, nothing invested, oop.
  15. Oh, and I shouldve mentioned in the post, it is pot limit not no limit. Not as big of a deal as it sounds, but just for claritys sake.
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