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  1. LMAO!Dude...you are seriously the biggest douchbag on this forum! You really think NNB doesn't have the funds to cover a bet? The kid spends more in a day on mtt's than you have likely ever won in your lifetime playing poker. I had made a prop bet w/ Larons and tbh I FORGOT I MADE IT. He pm'd me about it and once he reminded me, I obv have no problem paying him off. Did u send him a pm? Or did u decide since it had been a whole 6 phucking days, that you would publicly call him out? See...you are EXACTLY the reason why we shouldn't let have let people in this FCP satty that we didn't know. The
  2. QFT...I actually think the number is closer to 27,958 now that I think more about it...
  3. I think DN contributing to the forum would help, but we all know the real answer.1st...The death of the challenge thread as FCP knows it. The Challenge thread used to do at least 5 long (the 40 posts or whatever) pages per day. That thread has done about 5 pages THIS MONTH. I would say since the end of February, FCP has lost around 27.853 posts...rough estimate of course since where on earth would I get access to such a crazy number?2nd...There are always gonna be bad/douchey posters. However, that number has seemed to skyrocket in the last year. I won't name any names, but let's just say ther
  4. Ship the Triple Crown!!!!Maybe if you get real good you can crush live games for hundreds of dollars!!!
  5. WhatasickooooooooooAA!!!!!
  6. Text Messages from PMJMe- Did u really fall asleep waiting to chop the 1/4 Million last night?PMJ- Lol no internet and all phones were down. Still no connection, i was phucking pissed.Me- Lol. U see the FCP thread?PMJ- Nope can't connect, lol let people know whats up if u can.
  7. PFFFFFFFFFFT!!Also...I understand pushing the counterargument...I just don't agree with it!!!
  8. How are we ever playing a 21 bb stack diff than a 23 bb stack? Same for a 27 bb stack or 29 bb stack? The next level is either 40/80 or 50/100 and by waiting for the add-on we have a playable 20 bb+ stack to work with. It's obv not ideal, but it's still workable. I agree...if the next level was something like 100/200 or 150/300...then maybe we go for the 2x here and either double or avoid the add-on charge to play a 10 bb or less stack. Oh...and you're UGLY!!!
  9. But the angle is why we are discussing.I agree w/ everyone not named Rose who says fold. Even when you get action, the 2x or 3x isn't worth as much as "surviving" to add on. Surviving to add on gets you 21 bb's or so at 50/100 and close to 27 bb's if the next level is 40/80. A double would only get you around 23 bb's or 29 bb's...which is a negligible increase at best.
  10. RayHave a great Birthday bro!!!
  11. Vt...u really think this is aces here? I mean...it went, limp, limp, and THEN the button limps. I can see MAYBE the original limper having aces but I can't ever imagine that in a THREE DOLLAR MTT, guys are limping aces on button AFTER 2 other limpers. In higher buy in mtt's I could MAYBE see the 2nd limper trying to induce a squeeze but even at those buy in's I never expect to see aces from the 3rd limper. I could be swayed I guess, but I would need to hear why.Also...did I miss it or did you not post results?*edit Also, the blinds are sooooo small right now which makes it even more unlikely s
  12. The preflop raise is good imo. When button repops this is GREAT spot for you because would ANYONE play AA or KK that way? I highly highly highly doubt it, so I would jam preflop after his raise for 2 reasons.1st...it's a $3.30 and he's going to call w/ like 77 or something.2nd...if he does have something like AK, then we are giving him some fold equity...not that he takes it...but still...I just get it in preflop.As for flop play...gah. I mean...maybbbbbbe he has AK, AJ, or AQ (less likely since we have blockers) but I think it's hard to give him credit for and ace. Again...this smells a lot l
  13. Congrats man!!! That's quite an accomplishment!!!
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