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  1. Yeah but really, most of your studs were out injured :)Also, WE WON THE ****ING CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don`t even know what to say, I didn`t lose my mind like most people would, I remained pretty calm and collected. Almost cried but didn`t which is weird cause I cry every time I see Bourque lifting the cup. Not much else to say except BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! No idea how to explain it except I actually wish for the Leafs to win the cup so my friends can experience this, it`s unbelievable.
  2. That was amazing. It's seemed to me that Vancouver has no heart, they just like biting people, trying to kill people and diving when all else fails. Bunch of cowards if you ask me. ** I may or may not be biased for one of the remaining teams
  3. LOL at everything, glad you boys had fun.
  4. As a Bruins fan, I wasn't bored at any point. But I can definately understand it being boring as a non-fan.
  5. I'd love to go but I don't think it's in the cards (hehe) this year.
  6. The pirate show is pretty awful, I wouldn't waste your time.
  7. You must have missed their kiss when he was announced the winner and then at the very end when he said "love you babe". Also he's only 17 so it's not weird.Most of the show was pretty boring, but I did love J Lo dancing and Stephen Tyler singing.
  8. That looks amazing.
  9. I find it amazing that Julie was asking how people's mothers would feel about how they played the game. I'm sure her mother would be proud of her stealing someone's personal property and burying it with the intentions of the person never finding it. Classy lady.Really glad Rob won (even though him and Amber just walked right past me when I said hi to them at the Venetian last year!)
  10. Can I hang out with you guys in my Seguin jersey? ( I don't have a Seguin jersey but I might buy one if I go to Vegas this year )
  11. Ran into Tim Taylor in the bathroom at a pub in town, it was awkward I was trying to pee, he was about to leave, but I was like who are you rooting for, and he said any of the teams he played for. I had my Bruins hat on, obv, seemed like he preferred Det or Tampa (mainly Tampa though). I'm not 100% but I think he's all for Tampa.
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