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  1. This can't be real. FUFLCKJDLJGASThis season tilts me so hard.
  2. Yeah I have no idea, I'm used to fishing for perch and sunfish
  3. Wow at pic #2, that looks amazing!What kind of fish is in #1, it's weird looking in that it's so long but not thick at all (insert joke here).
  4. Any of you Toronto guys ever go to Brantford? I've gone a couple times this week, the games were pretty soft. I might start going a bit more regularily, would love to play with some of you!
  5. Has it been said that they have planned this from the very start? I assumed they just added this twist since Dick left the game early (I forget if he left before Keith was voted out or not). I'm hoping Dominic gets voted back in so I can live vicariously through him trying to hook up with Danielle.
  6. I thought this was a fun one, I assume most of you will do way better than my 11/36. I'm ashamed to say I missed an easy hockey one too http://www.sporcle.com/games/LennyDykstra/...oviescharacters
  7. I agree with a lot of this, not everything though. At first I didn't think Danielle had feelings for Dom, but the more after dark I watch the more it seems she does, (though if she doesn't then she's a hell of a game player and I'll give her full credit. Secondly even if she does, she's still a hell of a game player and I love watching her try to convince the others to keep him, cause she knows he'd be good for her game. I can see them hooking up with Jeff and Jordan til the final 4. (as an aside I think if I was in the game, I'd try to make an alliance with Brendan and Rachel even though
  8. Lol Steve, I can't stop laughing at "Get it together man, we got a case to solve!"Good work!
  9. The trick is to own it. Maybe try rocking a pouty, sexy face next time. These were awesome, thanks.
  10. Thread keeps delivering, good work everybody. Lol Breaker High
  11. I don't know about Uncle Bobby, but that Bimbo is scary as hell.
  12. I'm guessing because the Americans can't transfer through poker sites anymore, and it just isn't worth the hassle to be mailing $20 checks and stuff. Jin was an awesome character. Congrats Steve and Liz! Here's hoping the little guy has an amazing life with you and never ever has to see that photo of his dad with that (guy?) on Freemont Street!
  13. I would have LOVED to see that concert when I was like 13! Very jealous. I love Big Brother, can't wait for tonight!
  14. Well we had to wait for morning until one of us could drive again, but yeah I wouldn't want to stay there longer than need be.
  15. I went to the anchor bar a couple years ago, amazing wings!!
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