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  1. WTF?!?!?Last guy I would ever expect this to happen to! He was so full of life. Man, loved his personality. Completely shocked. Unreal! So sad.
    At work today, toronto fire ran the call. This is simply unbelievable.... this wasnt him. He was a happy guy. I'm in shock...Edit: I just realized that his twitter page photo is the story and photo shoot I did with him for a magazine that I was editing.... https://twitter.com/#!/BelakWade
    I seriously just cant wrap my head around this.... this just doesnt seem possible.
    One of my close friends committed suicide shortly after high school was over. She was the one of the most full of life people I ever knew, happy all the time, one of those people that would brighten the room just by entering it. I had ZERO idea that she was ever depressed, I didn't even here about it until afterwards that she was on medication. Sometimes there aren't any signs that people are hurt, it sucks and is a tragedy.
  2. I just don't see how you guys could think anyone is more annoying than Rachel. There have been many times I've cringed, twitched, or thought about blowing my brains up when Rachel was on tv. Only a few times has Shelly done that to me.

    Shelly is the biggest two faced player there is. I dont know how she has managed to play EVERYONE the whole season and she is still in there.
    Shelly has played the game pretty brilliantly imo. She started off on both sides of the fence, so while the newbs were going after the vets and vets were going after the newbs, shelly could coast right through. Then she finally realized Jeff and Jordan were cruising to the money and she jumped ship to break that up. So now if she can make it to the finals against Porsche, Kalia, or Adam, she's got a great chance of winning based on her game play. I think she's in a real good spot.
  3. its an interesting point, you made me think. I will admit I would definetly tune in, but I dont think Id keep watching.I think the key with these shows is to suddenly want to root for or against someone, and usually, I just dont care about these people. Somehow, Celebrity Apprentice always gets me though.
    Celebrity Apprentice had me sucked in for a couple seasons even though I hated it more and more each episode I watched. Finally being able to hit cancel on the PVR was the happiest day of my life.
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