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  1. my favourite thing to do with chips is throw em really high and splash the pot. one time i won a hand and had more chips than i started with...so i made a separate stack beside the first one. it didn't last long.
  2. game: $25 PL omaha Hi/Lo with .10/.25 blindsTable Table 37050 (Real Money) -- Seat 6 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10Seat 1: RockingTreys ( $22.55)Seat 2: kxnpoker ( $13.90)Seat 3: skippy878 ( $103.94)Seat 4: DontStop ( $57.34)Seat 5: mikied ( $4.60)Seat 6: jcmerc ( $44.97)Seat 7: nuts8 ( $24)Seat 8: troyomac ( $24.50)Seat 9: JJeett ( $17.27)Seat 10: readybob ( $23.30)nuts8 posts small blind (0.10)troyomac posts big blind (0.25)skippy878 posts big blind + dead (0.35)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to troyomac [ 8h, Kc, 3h, 5h ] JJeett calls (0.25)readybob folds.RockingTreys calls (0
  3. Are you saying that if some random fish had 1100 chips to phil ivey's 900, that the fish has a better chance of beating him??? not a prayer my friend.
  4. hey man i'm not mad or anything, i just thought it was a neat hand... lots of pocket pairs, some of them hitting turning to quads, a nut flush flopped...amazing stuff that i have never seen a flop hit so many people so perfectly, not to mention the great turn and river
  5. Hey, this is totally useless and i may even make enemies from starting a completely pointless thread, but still i just wanted to share with you a bizarre hand from party poker. ***** Hand History for Game 2452718149 *****30/60 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 14410825) - Sun Jul 31 02:00:30 EDT 2005Table $200K Saturday Qualifier(408942) Table 7 (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of players : 9Seat 1: troyomac (950)Seat 2: mentat314 (680)Seat 4: Lar80gent (890)Seat 5: mrmag1c (95)Seat 6: absolutn (1445)Seat 7: AZPokerDiva (845)Seat 8: fishbot (3555)Seat 9: seven
  6. depending on how much money the 2 donkeys had left ( you may have mentioned it, i'm just too lazy to go and recheck it) say you had 800 to start the hand and the kid had 1000. i don't think you should even worry about the donkeys hands because even if after the final board, the pretty lady with less money wins, and the old drunk has the 2nd best hand...if you can get the kid to go all in for all his money....you only have to be beating HIM to make profit on the hand, and there is a great chance that he is drawing slim.
  7. forgive me for being uneducated on this topic, but what in the world is the tinfoil hat for? i just don't get it..thankstroyomac, forum newbie
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