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  1. Did I make a betting faux pas? If so, go f yourself. Remember Ray, last time we bet together, someone won $5000.
    Haha was just joking. I AM tilted though. Stupid Marchand out with the flu, and I didn't know, so he's taking up a spot while Horton is on the bench with 2g, 1a, +3, 4 shots with a period still to go :club:
  2. I usually never take the road dog, even if it is contrarian, but when it's a road favourite like that. Yes. It jumps out to me. Even before seeing the public percentages, just seeing that line makes no sense to me. Lines that make no sense are the ones I love to bet. I have no idea how they are getting 2.5 points on the road, especially with the way their offense has been lately. Watch them win by like 10+ tonight, lol. F*ck it, it isn't even a contrarian play but I am playing it at Milwaukee -9.5, even though the line is only 2.5, lol. Pays 3.5 or +250. I only put a little on it, like a half unit.
    I put money on bet365 because of you tonight, and bet $10 on Mil to win by 10-13 points at +650. I figure they'll win by exactly 10 after your post.
  3. I've had it twice. The first time it was actually pretty awesome, i think it was the bottom of the container. Everything was kind of mashed together and it felt/tasted like a casserole. The second time it must have been fresher because i could actually make out individual ingredients, which, unfortunately, gave it a distinct chef boyardee texture and taste, plus it was really soupy, whereas the first time I had it I could have flipped my cup upside down and nothing would have come out.
    Today was kinda like that for me. Like the noodles were cooked a bit longer and were softer. My friends used to make fun of me for the way I made KD, cause I cooked the noodles way longer than them. They liked hard crunchy noodles for some reason.
  4. I invented ice coffee. 8 years ago it was a hot and humid morning driving to work at the park I have my morning routine. As soon as I hit keele and st clair I stop at the country style to get a extra large double double. I need to have half a coffee and a smoke in order to go to the washroom as soon as I get to work. Being in the park you want to hit the washrooms before the general public is let in.So first few days of the summer my routine was all messed up as the coffee was too hot and I couldn't drink it, so my smoke wasn't as enjoyable either without the coffee.Than one day I asked the lady for a extra cup half filled with ice poured the scolding hot coffee into this cup and it was heaven.I do this all summer long than mcdicks came up with that crack of a ice coffee that gives me the shakes. 99 cents any size can't go wrong.What I am trying to say is that I too am a fan of ice coffee and Ray.
    <3I tried my iced coffee today with the mint chocolate flavour shot. It was pretty good, but not as good as butter caramel or hazlenut.
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