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  1. Can't wait til next time you go in and they're all like "ehhhhhhhhh double dummy, what can I get ya bud?"
  2. Just looked at the standings, really had no idea the Blues were doing so well. Also noticed they are 0-5 in the shootout, meaning they could possibly have even more points than they already do if they were good at shootouts. There's no shootouts in the playoffs, so they are prob even a better playoff team than reg season team if that makes sense. * (*I just got home from hockey and have had a bunch of beers)
  3. Effing Saints :(Things looked great at half, sigh.
  4. Not sure if I've seen this one before...06:10 S. Ott served by Tom Wandell - Head butting (2 Min)
  5. Isn't Bon homme French for good man? How does that sound hot?
  6. I mean, if I wanted to just play scrabble by myself, I'd go out and buy a board, maybe some candles and something cute to wear and make a good night of it.
  7. Lol hot she didn't even look older than 12, hope you saw her drivers licence too zach
  8. That's awesome, he slapped himself in the eye with his own face, hahaha.
  9. Biatch you should pull a Dragon Slayer and dump her after church. Tell her you prayed on it and it's what God wants.
  10. Oh that was meant for him haha, maybe I got biatched too.
  11. Let's make thousands and run away together.
  12. Ha I made this bet yesterday too.Wish I had more money on my book to ride the Kansas game with you guys, but my money's already tied up in stupid things like this:
  13. Damn that would have been an amazing bet. I had a little on our team (LOL I can't even remember who we bet on) to win -3 too. Wish we'd done this bet at the half, prob paid ridiculous amounts.
  14. Eff don't run bad Biatch! Now I feel like the game is going to end -9 FOL
  15. Can't believe nobody's laid (layed?) down the challenge to race for pinks yet.
  16. Haha, I considered that bet. They're up by 21 at the half, hopefully they play more bench players so SAC can catch up just a bit.
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