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  1. Our slots are like 1.5 hours. We have 2 20's with a running clock and a 15 stopclock with an intermission after the 1st or 2nd period (depending on which game we are) so they can flood. I'm pretty sad our season's almost over, it's been fun playing in a league again.

  2. Nice..I remember I was at the kick off party for this magazine...It was a cool concept..you guys did a good job.
    Good times, my buddy won an FCP jersey. He still brags about that when I see him sometimes.
  3. Beers are good. I'm really into green smoothies though after working at lululemon. Also water is good as well. Bottled water though, not that tap water craap.
    Yeah I have a water cooler, I drink straight from the 18.9L bottles yo. I also drink a ton of G2.
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