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  1. Ray, seriously think about entering the WPT at Niagara Fallsview at least try a few sats. wtg

  2. you like cmapngy v men

  3. yup stalker59 is something else!

    youll get his chips

  4. well, you lost bax and annette but picked up Roothlus :P

    oh and that donk Gilbertology is in this too. hee hee say 'hi' for me. lol

  5. Easy table you have there Ray

    (stars 320) :P

    annette15 + Bax

  6. dam you guys are good! :P

  7. Ray, your #73 on Pocket5s yearly and monthly rankings!

    Watchout Bax :)

  8. ---------------------------------










  9. Hi Ray,

    Happy New Year :)

  10. NKOTB do rock! that's so funny! I think i may put some money on stars :P

  11. How come i am not on you're friends list?

  12. I'll give you negs for trade....

  13. Nice win last night... rethink who you're letting impregnate you?

  14. Troy... I love you... I want you to have my babies...

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