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  1. What the hell happened down there? Some kind of horse massacre?
  2. After a lackluster season 2, they've done a really good job with Season 3 so far. Only a few episodes left. Aaron Paul is a fantastic actor.
  3. The 2nd season is basically an Annie Wilkes origin story. The actress that plays her was amazing.
  4. The Rise of Skywalker Bleh. Below average. Not how I wanted to see this latest trilogy end. I would rate the 9 major films in this order Empire Strikes Back New Hope Return of the Jedi The Last Jedi A Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith Attack of the Clones The Rise of Skywalker Phantom Menace
  5. Did you ever watch Castle Rock? The 2nd season was incredible.
  6. This show was a disappointment. I never read the books though, so that might be way.
  7. As much as I love Steph. I think if you're going with MJ and then a scoring SF (Kobe, KD, or Kawhi), then you're almost better taking a pass first point guard. Stockton, Kidd or Nash would compliment them really nice, and they can still score when needed.
  8. Brightburn A much better concept than the movie it turned out to be. Still recommend it though, but not something you'd need to see in the theaters. Tons of gore and the kid they cast for the main character did an amazing job.
  9. Looks like there is one more "episode" The Last Watch A 2 hour long documentary about the final season, including some table reads
  10. Westworld Season 3 trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deSUQ7mZfWk
  11. Despite the poor writing and how the show ended up, it will certainly end as one of the most well acted series of all time. After the first couple seasons I thought this show might surpass Breaking Bad, but that didn't turn out to be the case. As a whole, I would give the series a 7.5 out of 10.
  12. I'm thinking more of a Sopranos style ending. Tyrion gets on the throne, and Sir Bronn shows up and points the cross-bow at him. Fade to black *sound of cross-bow being fired*
  13. I half expected Arya to say Dany's name before the credits.
  14. Best episode since Battle of the Bastards imo. There was a split second when I didn't think they were going in that direction, and then they did, and it was more intense than I could have imagined.
  15. What bothered me more than anything was the fact that Missendei was even with them. Why? They were going to war. What purpose does she (a non fighter) have to be with them instead of staying behind at Winterfell? Obviously her death is meant to be the catalyst for Dany becoming the Mad Queen, but it just made no sense.
  16. The night king's strength was in the size of his army. Other than that,he was just leading a bunch of mindless zombies. Cersei has both the numbers and intelligence. To me, that makes her the more compelling villain. I predict the next episode will be mostly recovery/mourning and they have to touch on what's going to happen with John and Dany. The final 2 episodes should be the big battle in King's Landing, with most of the major deaths happening in Ep. 5
  17. I can't understand why some people are so upset that more people didn't die. You have a limited number of main characters, and 3 more episodes to go. No sense in blowing your whole load so soon.
  18. Avengers: Endgame Amazing. The final battle sequence is one of the best I've seen in any movie.
  19. New series on Netflix. Only on the 2nd episode, but so far solid acting and awesome soundtrack.
  20. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter This entire franchise has been terrible, but this particular installment takes the cake. It's the worst movie I've ever seen.
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