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  1. sry thought it was 6 handed =). Yeah I think we have 0 fold equity. Call flop, fold turn UI
  2. call the flop for straight + set outs... Raising = big spew IMO. You almost always get 3-bet or called.If you want him to fold: after calling the flop, pop the turn if a blank falls (I think I would wait to raise the river if I hit my set, and raise the turn if I make my straight). Much more fold equity there.
  3. So, I've been away from the game for a couple months, and getting back into it, it feels like many more ppl on party poker are "making moves"; continu-betting to the river, raising on bluffs etc... Is this a normal thing? or am i just getting wierd opponents?
  4. I assume this was just food for thought...We raise:For value. Because KJ suited plays great against many opponents, and you don't mind getting lots of bets in with cards that have good high card strength, are suited and kind of connected. We aren't too worried about being dominated here, because we expect to be 5 handed on the flop, so one pair probably won't win. Also, when we make a flush, we get more people tied to the pot, because it is so big, so we make more moneyAt least that's what SSH says. However i've playing like crap recently, so i'm trying to play many fewer hands and would
  5. personally when I first saw this hand I thought after you get a flop call between you and the raiser, I call the flop and pop a safe turn. There could be lots of bad cards coming, and your flop raise isn't really protecting your hand... Pretty much every hand has odds to call.Can we get some discussion on the merits of waiting for a turn raise VS a flop raise?
  6. Party 10k gtd, but alas twas not to be , ppl giving me **** made me play dumb Stupid roomates are definetly -EV
  7. So I'm playing in this MTT, and I'm fairly deep (just about to be in the money), and my roomate comes in the room. Only problem is, he doesn't come in alone. There's a fairly hot chick with him (she's kind of half in the room at this point saying something to someone in the hall). There's this long pause... then... "hey... I'm gonna need you to stay over at your girlfriends tonight... that'd be great..." (The way he said it was obnoxious as hell... think office space).Normally even with no advance notice and the obnoxious way he asked I'd be like... whatever, since he has a real hard time
  8. I think the main difference here is that the OP got lucky on a mistake, whereas you blatantly ripped off a store. Nice to know who the cheats are on this site .
  9. hmm. I think that there is an OK chance that someone will make that 3rd raise with JJ or AK, and once they make the 3rd raise, they are clearly continu-betting this flop.I think it's a close decision, though I would probably say fold then kick myself when he flips over JJ.
  10. Well, I don't want to be mean or anything... and I'm not a particularly great NLHE player but... I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DONT LIKE THIS PLAY!!!you put yourself in an incredibly marginal situation, and luck out a ton.here's a list of problems:1st. Raising with a 10 6 suited after 2 limpers... WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY? I really feel like you could find a much better time and place to put your money in the pot...2nd. Your preflop raise is way to small to win the pot. 4x BB after 2 limpers?? you need to raise at least 6x to knock the limpers out I think.3rd. I supp
  11. I c/r push the first hand.I raise the second preflop.I fold the 3rd one.1st hand: you can extract a lot more money if you c/r. It's more likely to be taken as a sign of you having a real hand (so you might fold hands that have odds to call), and if you get called you're still in very good shape.2nd hand: You're letting the BB have a free look at the flop by just calling, and often you are gonna be making a tough decision on the flop.3rd hand: If you think UTG is rather aggressive then I think a reraise is good, but I really don't like QJ... Most things that call you are gonna make you grab y
  12. I think i raise the flop, you have a ton of equity, and you might make your ace win (the pot is growing) plus most fish who peel here, will peel for 2 as easily as 1. I have no idea what I do on the river. I think I probably raise, but I'm not sure that's best
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