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  1. The words, "I told you so" keep ringing in my ears and I don't know why :wink: -Travis
  2. I like your line too. But I usually like to take contol of these hands in position(esp 3 handed where he could have anything from 5, to bottom pair, flush draw, overpair)A lot of times you'll get a fold on the flop or turn. Plus don't let him get away with that goofy bet into you after you raised the flop crap(esp with tptk)You might be right here though, because you still find out where you are with a turn raise(which i think you should do regardless of the 7 ).I'll ask the boss about it.-Travis
  3. Either way preflop. I don't think checking or raising is a much of a mistake(but your sig is "push edges", so go ahead and raise :wink:)On the flop I would raiseAfter he checks it to me on the turn I would bet and fold to a crEither way, check behind on the riverobviously you can dump a if a horrid card comes off(i don't think the 7 is bad unless he raises you)-Travis
  4. Other than me...(proof)"I decided to join them in a $20 freeze out since I didn't have too much on the schedule for the evening. Travischopped us up in 2-7 triple draw."...I would say John Juanda and Allen Cunningham.Last years WSOP invitational $2mill freeroll, how does JJ get invited behind Annie Duke and Chip Reese? Neither has anything close to JJ in tournament results.
  5. Travis, feel free to post here more often.What do you usually play?4table 15/30 party4table 30/60 party on the weekends :wink: This is fun, I haven't posted strategy in a long time. The best way to get better,imo, is to discuss hands with good players. So I look forward to doing that here.-Travis
  6. nhLimping is way better than raising preflop there.-Travis
  7. Hey everybody, the match today was delayed. If it's going to happen tonight, it will probably start by 9 pm. Check back for further updates.Here is a direct link to the page we'll be posting updates on:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-chal...t_from=&ucat=3&
  8. Dude, your place wasn't that big of a mess. I have more trash than that in my car(sw).We need to play a 4player hu tournament with your crew.BTW, do you guys have a name? The Crew, Hendon Mob, ect... -Travis Ain't you Taking Vegas over W/ Us man, You part of it! We can take about the name and "OK" It w/ Daniel because the last people that thought they were taking over Vegas "The Crew" Didn't clear it w/ Daniel's Crew and well... Look at what happened there.We're the next generation. Move over Daniel, Erick, David.Grinder who? Oh yea he's that old dude.-Travis
  9. I though AQ was gold the way you were playin and I thought I was a lock when you took 8 sec to call.The dealer put three cards face down on the table and tucked 2 under the top card. He did it REALLY SLOWLY on purpose to add drama. The only card showing was a queen hahahaha. Solid dealer that was.-Travis
  10. Dude, your place wasn't that big of a mess. I have more trash than that in my car(sw).We need to play a 4player hu tournament with your crew.BTW, do you guys have a name? The Crew, Hendon Mob, ect... -Travis
  11. Out in 39th in the party tournament. What is my problem (*choke, choke*)Oh well, I hardly ever play tournaments, it's a nice break from the grind every so often.Thanks to those who came to sweat me!!! DC was friggin hilarious. He goes postal on the dude who busted me "WTF you doin man!?!?! You know who you just busted? You suck, ect... hahahahaI'll post some of the hands from my limit and nl tournament tomorrow(er r, later today that is). I know I probably made some big mistakes in the nl.-Travis
  12. I'll post some of the hands down the stretch tomorrow in strategy. Right now I'm at the final 50 of the party $20 10k event. Hope I actually make the final table this time :twisted:-Travis
  13. If anyone wants to sweat me, I'm currenlty 6th in chips with 17 left in the pokerstars $20 limit hold'em tournament. Come watch me suck (I'm Sundevils21 on pokerstars too)-Travis
  14. amen, brother.except for the last part.and people, jeez, this is irritating. just because AK holds up "only" 44% of the time against 4 - 8 opponents doesn't mean you're not making money. you're making a censored LOAD of money if you're getting paid between 4-to-1 to 8-to-1 when you're wining more than 1.5-to-1.AK is awesome, stop complaining. aseem
  15. Daniel will be on "The Score" tonight at 6:30 Eastern.
  16. 3 bet. bet the turn. check the river.It depends on your opponent. If he'd ONLY c/r with an ace(or set) then fold. If you get checkraised again on the turn then you can fold.
  17. Small pot, out of position, easily dominated, I say fold.It's one of those times where if you get action post flop you are usually beat. So you might win a small pot or lose a decent amount of bets if1. An ace flops(if there's action you probably lose, if you have the best you usually don't get action)2. You call down hoping Ahigh is good3. You have a tendancy to do wacky things out of position like the op(no offense)I think it's close. Maybe I'm giving the typical 1-2 player too much credit for being able to lose the min with hands like 10 10- KK on an ace high board.*preflop decisions are w
  18. The 80's called. They want their joke back.The 80's called. They want their Mac's back
  19. Yea but the rule only comes into play for the last 5 min of the game. You can fight all you want until then, haha.-Travis
  20. If somebody has the exact numbers I'd like to know. I thought that it was a pretty big overbet of the pot when J Dags went all in. After Ted calls you look down at A6. Is that really a calling situation?I don't think a six was even a possiblitly. Don't know why Ted did. Maybe he thought DN would see through the "all in hoping you expect to chop" play? Thus meaning the only hand that plays back is quads? edit* Blinds were 800-1600 w/ 200 ante.JDag's moves in for 12,900Ted callsDN calls-Travis
  21. True that there are just as many 6's as A's left but...What hand does DN overcall before the flop that contains a 6? I really can't think of any.I was absolutly shocked :shock: Ted Forrest didn't move all in thinking DN would insta-call expecting half.(Does DN bet the river with quads? My initial answer is yes but then I think of a "unless...")-Travis
  22. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...pic.php?t=20143
  23. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...pic.php?t=20143
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