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  1. He has two 20 inch Dell lcd monitors on loan from Edog.Where did Edog come from?!?! He's got my dell 2001fp's.Oh yeah I remember now, you just said "Edog" instead of "Tdog" as I am now referred to.-Travis(Tdog)
  2. We're not talking about having 10k in chips and somebody moving all in on that flop when the blinds are 50-100 and there's 500 in the pot. This is getting late in a tournament and there was already a lot of money in the pot. Very tough laydown, no question about it. The pot is over 132,000 and she has 94,000 left.I'm confused about one thing, why would PaulP move in there? If he could see she had AA then it's completely understandable, I mean that's a near impossible AA fold. But this is from his blog..."Jennifer Harman is constantly raising my blind from late position. "How does he put her on
  3. I'm assuming you mean lead the river and not the flop(you're not that LAGtastic are you?)Why lead the river? Wouldn't you bet that river if it'd been checked to you with AA,KK,,AK,KQ,KJ,JJ,AJ? I think I'd bet with any of those hands and call a raise(I'm talking about good players, like that Brandon L kid at the Bellagio 15 game. That kind of good.)My standard line has always been to lead on these hands. So I'm trying to think through a new idea. I could be waaayyyy off.-Travis
  4. The reason I posted is because my default in these spots is to lead the river when I know I'm good(I want to get paid, I like money). But after considering, I think that it will definatly get bet behind me on both hands(I'm assuming the player plays a lot like I do, and I would always bet with tptk type of hands).Hand 1, I'm thinking opponent is trying to isolate. There is a wide range of hands he could have. His flop bet doesn't scare me, what wouldn't he bet in that spot?Hand 2, Not folding preflop, not folding the flop, not folding the turn. I don't see any reason to do anything other than
  5. Sounds like a juicy game is starting; PowerPoker, JWeb, Chris. I can't pass up the opportunity to get in a game that soft.I'll be down there later tonight.-Travis
  6. **Opponent in both hands is a tight aggressive, good thinking player**Hand 1*6 max*Hero has 9 9 Hero open raises utgFolded to Opponent who 3bets on the buttonHero callsFlop: A 10 5 Hero checks, opp bets, hero callsTurn: 10 hero checks, opp bets, hero callsRiver: 9 hero?Hand 2*6 max*Opp open raises in mp1folded to Hero in bbHero calls with A 8 Flop: K J 8 hero checks, opp bets, hero callsTurn: 5 hero checks, opp bets, hero callsRiver: 2 hero?
  7. I had a brain fart and thought that you had bet and he raised the turn when I wrote that(maybe becuase that's how I thought the action should have went)I've been shown KK there so many times it's sick. When he checks in position on that flop it's either the nuts or an unimproved hand. If he then raises the turn(i confused the action) it's more likely the nuts than AQ/AJ.*Not trying to change the subject, as I want to see if people think you should lead the turn or cr*-Travis
  8. I'm trying to think of a reason to cr the turn instead of leading. If you get 3bet on the turn then call, check/call. If he just calls the turn then lead the river(non ace, as wrto mentioned)btw, in my expirience you're up against a turn 3bet 'cause he's got kk.-Travis
  9. That's a really thin river bet, imo.I check behind on the turn to induce a river bluff. If he checks it on the river then go ahead and fire.You fold if you get raised on the turn, no? If so, then that's a dangerous turn bet.-Travis
  10. oops my bad. edited. thanks for the correction.
  11. At the end of the first break, Daniel is up to 18,700 from the 10,000 starting chips.He made quad 5's along with Aces and Kings over Aces and 8's.7:35- Daniel is at 17,750. He was down to 12k but just made a big call on Dan Hiemiller.9:10- Daniel at 16050 after level 3.11:00- Daniel is at 19,025 after 4 levels.11:49- Daniel is out. Lost a big pot when he flopped a flush, then went broke with QQ to AK on 10 4 2 flop. turn K.-Travis
  12. I don't think this hand is any more difficult than this...raise the turn for free showdown/sometimes win the pot on the turn.Why do people think that's so wrong?The small % of the time that you get 3bet on the turn by a worse hand or led into on the river by a worse hand isn't enough to make the turn raise incorrect. If opponent makes a play like that, just tip your hat to him and say nh. You'll win lots of money from him later.-Travis
  13. Against aggressive players that will consistantly bet the flop and turn like this, I always raise that turn. If he 3bets you're done. If he calls you take free showdown. I'm always suprised how often people fold to that turn raise.Jayson might expect you're raising for showdown/semibluff and lead the river with a queen or jack anyway. That would be a good play by him and there is nothing you can do about it.-Travis
  14. First off, I thought you said you lead the turn. I said you were crazy and should check/fold the turn.I still say check fold the turn if there's any action behind you. I can see calling 1 person for 1 bet though.Overcalling for 1 bet?...meh-Travis
  15. I give up on the turn and check/fold.I like the bet/fold to a raise line if you're in position and he checks to you. Don't put another bet in this pot. Period.The pot is not that big and there is a very good chance you do not have the best hand. Lot of scary river cards too.-Travis
  16. I'm not sure, I haven't played them.*they seem rocky from what I've read/observed*-Travis
  17. FWIW, Daniel says that Ivey is the favorite both live and online.-Travis
  18. I haven't played a ton of 30/60, but from what I have played it's at least equally as soft, if not softer.There are usually 1.5-2 times as many 30 games going than 15. Doesn't that mean something?I would assume the typical rich superfish now plays 30/60. 50/100 and 100/200 take too long to get a seat. -Travis
  19. Why not do it at 5/10 or higher?Is there a rule that you can move higher than 3/6 if you kill the games?-Travis
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