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  1. I just wanted to say that Chip Reese has always been the poker player I've aspired to be.I never played with him personally, but all the pros said he never tilted and could walk away a loser. This is something I've always lacked, So you could say he was my poker hero.He was also by all accounts the biggest winner in poker history. This is something we all aspire toI'm sure. Basketball has it's Michael Jordan, golf has it's Tiger Woods, tennis has it's Federer, and poker had it's Chip Reese. Truly a one of a kind talent. My heart goes out to his family, he left behind a 16 year olddaughter
  2. LOL, I know that. I'll just say they were both out of line. Phil shouldn't have said anything to get Erick fired up, I think Erick over reacted a little bit.
  3. Erick was out of line if anybody was. If Daniel had made the same comment to Erick, he wouldn't have jumped down his throat like he did.
  4. This hand seems pretty tricky to figure out given how we played it. I think if we bet the flop and turn and then he moved in or c/r'd us on the turn, it's an easy fold. I mean unless the guy is check-raising with like AQ or AJ, we can only beat a bluff. Given no information about the player, most people don't check raise with nothing, so it's safe to assume we are beaten. On the river, I'd ask myself if this guy would check raise all in with a straight or two pair, or would he move all in because he fears us checking behind him. Or would he do that on a bluff to make us lay our hand down.
  5. And those same failings are what Chip Reese said make Stuey a great player because he never cared about the money. He might have died broke, but if he hadn't died and cleaned himself up, he still could have made a lot of money. Whether or not he would have held onto it is another story.
  6. Of course he's sorry, he got caught cheating, lost 100k, and ruined his reputation in the poker community. If he was never caught for doing this (or JJProdigy), they would continue to do it. And let's not kid ourselves, this adds a SIGNFICANT edge. He's a cheater, he's paying the price, and any human being with a conscience would have known this was the wrong thing to do. So I don't give a crap whether he's sorry or not, he should be banned from poker forever.
  7. JMotrain

    paul phillips

    I agree with Petoria in his/her assessment mostly. Paul does seem arrogant, but that doesn't make him an idiot, it makes him arrogant! I think you as a christian are upset because he reaches a lot of people with his blog and he is basically spitting on your religion and beliefs. If he hadn't done that, I don't think we'd be hearing "Paul Phillips is an idiot, blah blah". People are free to believe (or not) believe whatever they like. I don't think you should disrespect someone just because they don't have the same beliefs as yourself.
  8. Nick the Greek played Johnny Moss headsup back in the 1950's, which is I believe considered the first wsop? Anyways, they played 5 card stud headsup for several months, until Johnny Moss finally cleaned him out for what is said to be ten million dollars in today's money. He was clearly overmatched, but he allowed his ego to take power over his better judgement. He ended up broke playing down in California somewhere for extremely low stakes. He died broke. If you want to learn more about it, get McManus' book "positively fifth street".
  9. It's funny how he was afraid to play Daniel when Daniel was short stacked, but when DN is funded, he is willing to lose a quarter million dollars. Is this guy some kind of retard poker savant or what? And oh yeah he is clearly over matched. Anyone who says this is because its Daniel, on his forum, and we must be nuthugging, I'll say that results don't lie. This guy is going to end up like Nick the Greek playing 2-4 limit trying to rebuild after scratching his head and saying, "why the f did I play Daniel N headsup for my entire bankroll?"
  10. Does Ted play strictly by feel or does he use math as well? It seems to me like he is strictly a feel guy from what I've seen on his play (which is of course a small sample size). He seems to read people very well however and maybe he knows the math but thats almost second nature to him? What do you think Ted was thinking when he checked the river? He must have somehow put Daniel on quads, but I don't see how. Seems like Ted probably out thought himself this hand. I love playing armchair quarterback since I can see the holecards after the fact, but man if I go broke that hand because Dan
  11. Mid stage NL tournament, I have about 6k, average probably somewhere around 9k. I get Q9s in the SB, and complete, BB (same chip count as myself), checks (2 limpers, button and midposition), blinds 100-200. Flop KKQ 1 spade, I check, BB bets minimum, MP + button fold, I call. Turn 8 of spades, I check, BB bet minimum, I call. River 4 of spades making me a flush. I check, BB bets 1k, your play? (Note: BB seemed like a solid player in my eyes.)
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