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  1. I didn't see it posted anywhere else, but Bluff is reporting that AB has the cleaned the corp out of their 10 mil. He was down 3 mil Super Bowl weekend, so for the last couple of weeks he's plus 7 mil.
  2. good response Pupsta, I wish I had this info the first time I played live.Also, I second the Mirage, it's my favorite place to play.
  3. I've played at the Plaza when in Vegas. It's kind of a dump and off strip, but it always has an O8 game going, and the players weren't very well when I was there.
  4. Your call on the flop is the move that should be debated, I think a flat call on the turn is the best play. On the flop, you have nothing except the nut low draw and a 10 high flush draw. Not knowing the players, I would guess that the BB could have A2 of diamonds, and you could be drawing for 1/4 of the pot. If i am playing a naked low draw, i like to have some kind of protection (a 3 or a 4). So a fold to a pot sized bet on the flop could be the correct move, it's likely that at least one other player has A2 and a better flush draw. That being said, since you saw the turn, I think ther
  5. Ribbo's blog a while back mentioned that he's writing a PLO8 book, but he hasn't mentioned it in a while.
  6. Also, I've found the playing Omaha 8 and Stud 8 has made my hold em game much better when I do play, I'm not sure why, maybe by reinforcing the power of position and teaching me to tighten up preflop.
  7. I'll give the kid a serious answer. I play almost exclusively Omaha 8, limit and pot limit. I still play some NLHE tourney's from time to time, but I've found my profit to be higher and more consistent playing Omaha 8.
  8. Do they always spread O8 at resorts? I live in Chicago, and stopped in there once about a month ago, and ended up not even playing a hand because they had a tournament going that I wasn't interested in playing, and the side games didn't look very good.
  9. dank773


    I had the same problem in the past, just make sure you delete all of the programs from your laptop and you should be okay. My company is pretty anal about computer use while I'm at work, but I've played every time I've been on the road and no one has said anything.
  10. I'm a fan of Bodog. The tournaments usually have a smaller field compared to party, you'll see more in the 200-400 player range, and a variety of buy-ins. They also offer a lot of guaranteed tournaments, that usually have a nice sized over lay. They don't have a lot of variety though, it's all hold em.
  11. burning a card makes no statistical difference. the reason it is done is to prevent card markers from having the advantage of knowing what card will be turned next.
  12. A good friend of mine just started playing poker about a year ago. He asked me to teach him about the game and I happily obliged. He called me tonight to discuss a tournament he played in. While discussing one hand, the following conversation took place. Him: Middle position raised my blind to 300 and I had cowboys.Me: You had what?!?Him: Cowboys, pocket kings.Me: I know what they are, just don't call them cowobys.Him: Why not?Me: I don't know, it just annoys me. It was at this point I remembered Adam Shoenfeld during the WSOP talking about how he hated nicknames for hands, and I real
  13. I've had it three times, including yesterday. And in yesterday's hand, the flop was QQQ, I checked and my opponent bet, I reraised and he called all in with J235.
  14. it's based on time spent playing and raked hands played. there's a better explanation on bodog.com.
  15. edit: you have to call or email them to cash them inAnd you can only do it once, so I'd suggest getting the full 8k in points before cashing them in.
  16. To anyone who has points on Bodog, they are offering cash for points during December. You need 8000 points to max it out and get a free $200, and you have to "earn" the money, but it looks like a pretty good deal.
  17. What do you do here?PLO8 $50Dank is in the SB with 2 3 4 Q EP min raises to $1, 2 callers, I call, BB calls. Flop comes A 5 10 Dank checks, BB checks, EP bets $4, MP raises to $8, fold, I call, BB folds.Turn comes Q Dank checks, EP bets pot ($29), MP calls, Dank folds...What do you think of the flop play? I was tempted to reraise...And you have to fold the turn, correct?
  18. My play when flopping a straight is usually to slow down on the flop, either calling a bet or making a smallish (1/2 pot) bet. I usually speed up on the turn, assuming a safe card comes. I think this puts more pressure on the FH and flush draws. This is a spot where position is huge, if you are in position, you can either muck or make a crying call on the river. There's no hard and fast rule as to whether you should be calling the river, it really depends on your reads.
  19. Never fold when you are going to flop a royal flush.
  20. I actually mean to post something about this. I played in a home tournament last weekend that used this. It worked out great, and was a lot easier than the little egg timer we usually use.
  21. I know on Bodog if your last deposit is through neteller, your next payout will be to neteller. Which isn't stated anywhere on the site but will piss you off greatly if expecting the payout to go elsewhere.
  22. I'll give him a serious answer, probably the only one that will come in this thread. DN says that he plays in the big game because he wins there, simple as that. Usually, you like to play against players below your skill level. But, if you are winning at a level, regardless of the competition, why would you stop playing? I wondered the answer to this question myself. If you are the 8th best poker player in the world, it does you know good to be playing against the top 7. But DN obviously has an advantage in this game, so he plays .
  23. on that board, the nut low would be A-3, 2nd nut would be A-5, 3rd nut would be 3-5.
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