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  1. that episode was GOLD! Andy: "He smells like what I think Pierce Bronson would smell like..."Michael: "That is what Ryan is like. A fake brother that steals your jeans."Michael: "What is the deal with these, in terms of testicles?"Creed: "I'm 30. Well, in november I'll be 30."Michael: "There has been alot of talk of new ideas. Well, new ideas are fine. But they are also, illegal."There are literally about 30 more hilarous lines in just this episode. An absolute CLASSIC...
  2. definately way up there on the list. Honestly though, how many people can get away from the AQ hand? Pretty sick cooler at a short handed table...
  3. prob tilting a little. TP/TK vs. bottom set always hurts, esp shorthanded, AND soooooo close to the FT....
  4. that is a BIGTIME bluff and pretty sick call at the end. that HAD to be for most if not all of Lam's stack. So close to the final table I don't know how you make that call! This is going to be incredible to watch on espn...
  5. this is the best thread EVER. just. wow. I think all the funny one liners have been taken, so I will thank everyone for some amazing laughs today. well played
  6. a bad call. He ALWAYS likes to outplay me, and I got caught up in the moment :shrug:
  7. I can't believe this F'ing Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First off, A little introduction. I'm not a pro by any means, but ive made a little $ playing poker, got a nice 17" laptop from a MTT win and its paid for some fun nights on the town. Ive been playing for about 3 years and I've read SS1 and SS2, and HOH 1 and HOH 2. I can play different styles, but ive seem to have the best results playing your basic ABC TAG poker. I'm better at tournies then cash, but overall I think I need to learn to be more aggressive to make the big $$$$$$$$$$$. Officialpokerrankings.com has me(shstang) top 90%
  8. I haven't seen Pham or Tran fold to ANY of JC's bets. I hope (and im sure he already has a plan)takes advantage of this....
  9. "Ok, I asked this on his royal hold em' rant post earlier today, got no legit answer..I'll do it again.How in the hell did he go from being pissed about 80 bucks to playing in 5k events in just less than 2 years???Did he win a big tourney that catapulted him up there or did he just grind it out?"check out his blog on myspace. he has a link to it on his sig...
  10. this kid is unreal!going from p*ssed about losing 80 bucks playing 2/4 HE(no low cards! lol) not even 2 years ago to FTing a WPT.wish i had 1/100th of this kid's ability.GL JC take er DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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