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  1. You carry pictures of girls from your school in your wallet? That's pretty fucking creepy
  2. Damn. 23 points in the second half, 10 in the 3rd quarter.
  3. Your blog seems to resemble Maddox's writing.Not really a bad thing, since it is entertaining.
  4. Though I was bashing the album, I think it is definitely better than By The Way, which was flat out awful in my opinion.
  5. I don't think I can disagree more.I think this album is VERY weak, and so was By The Way. Californication was pretty good, but I miss their old stuff. I consider RHCP to be my favorite band, but only until Californication.And to whoever made the comment about Flea being a sick bassist, Your Right. Flea is a sick bassist, but it's a shame that the album barely focuses on his bassing.The songs are average, and they just seem to be a run of the mill pop-rock band now. fyp
  6. Incidentally, they are my 2 favorite teams in the NBA.(Clippers are my favorite)
  7. I have a friend that loves their music. What style of music are they?
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