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  1. Man soooo close, I was 2nd place in the 25K guarantee on PS. Hopefully it carries over to the WSOP event saturday! I think a second place in the WSOP would make me jump off of the voodoo lounge though.
  2. I'm playing event #13 next Saturday. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to play another event. I think it is a big advantage to play a few events prior to the main event. Who else is playing next Saturday? By the way, if your interested I will be posting live chip counts, video blogs, and tweets on my blog at: BrianPinkus.com
  3. I suffered through it so I guess you'd say I'll be wearing some form of online poker room advertisment apparel (UB) and pants with a wet spot.
  4. You are correct if the mentality is: "I am going to win the main event", because the reality is that you cannot win the main event on day 1, 2, 3... The first year I played I went in with the attitude that I was going to win and I was bounced on day one. Just because you don't go in with that mentality doesn't mean that you aren't disapointed though. Truthfully, though for me its more about the experience then anything else. That doesn't mean I don't want to do well, but it is an amazing experience that I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to take part in. Anyone who loves playing this game should experience it. I am amazed that they don't draw 10,000 people.
  5. Ok so the title isn't completely accurate. Day 1 was the most fun that I have ever had at a poker table. I was lucky to even have made it through almost into day three. I completely soked in the experience of playing at the feature table. I was joking around with everyone and just generally having a good time with it. At one point I even sang to Eli when we ended up heads up in a hand. All that being said on some level if you don't win it is a disaster. That's the problem with poker 6,400 people go home bent out of shape to some extent while only one person leaves completely happy. Although at least the people at the end have the million dollars to help heal those feelings. Even though it is the worst feeling when you get knocked out of the main event at least Pro's can take some comfort in knowing that they'll have another shot in just one year. Most likely I will be able to play again next year, but there are no guarantees. I consider myself extremely lucky just to have had the opportunity to play three out of the last four years. Over the three years that I have played the trip has been profitable and you never know if you are going to make a deep life changing run.
  6. The big name sites were all around the same amount. It seemed like some agents could just make deals for one brand while others had several options. They only allowed three players to wear the same logo's at the table so that limited being too picky over the brand if you favor one over the others. I don't know about pokerVT, because no one offered it.
  7. I agree when I saw that he refused I thought the same thing. I am sure that he didn't want people seeing him playing a bit tighter then you'd expect because it was day 1. He probably had the idea that he would try to avoid putting the hammer down that early in the tournament, but he likes everyone having the impression that he does.
  8. As for how much I just don't think that you should post that sort of thing.It is really sort of a frantic process, because you have to start off the day wearing the logo so you litterally only have like five minutes to negotiate (although I had decided that I would miss the beginning if necessary). If your table is chosen to be the feature table when you arrive at your original table they have a flyer taped to the table saying "Please report to the ESPN feature table" (at which point you litterally piss yourself). When you walk over to the feature table area carrying your seat card these poker agents will politely approach you offering you a variety of deals for wearing a logo on your shirt, a hat, or both.
  9. Nope didn't spill coffee on myself, but I did walk straight into the womens rest room took a long nice piss and texted some friends, before noticing that it was FAR too quite to be the mens room. At which point I saw a lady walking into another stall and quietly "skirted" my way out the door.
  10. No, I just don't think I should post.
  11. Ok, now that I have had a few hours to put everything in perspective. Being knocked out of the main event is painful no matter when it happens. The sick thing about poker is if you don't win your pissed and winning the main event is practically impossible. "If your not first ur last". I feel fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to play the main event for the third time (last year I cashed). Although I didn't cash this year it isn't all bad for me:1. I was in the tournament through a few hundred dollar satellite so basically the buy in was free.2. On day 1 I played the main feature table for the entire day. Playing with Alan Cunningham, Eli Elezra, CK Hua, and Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis. Incidentally Lex is really sick, Eli said he was the best player at the table before play began and he wasn't wrong. Unfortunately for Lex he probably kept the pace up on day two, because he was gone pretty early.3. With feature table sponsorship money and the fact that I was basically in for free I already cashed (no I won't disclose on here how much).4. I made reasonably good decisions and fought like hell for almost ten hours yesterday with my short stack. At the end I blinded off to an M of 5 and still found a spot where I was a 60% favorite when the money went in.If you have never had the opportunity to play the main event you really need to save the money and do it. If you can't win a seat save the money and play anyway not because it is +ev necessarily, but because it is a lifelong dream. Where else in the world can you pay 10K to jump right into the championship game, and test yourself against all of the great players. Start saving now and you'll have your own 12K prize package and an experience for a lifetime by the time next year’s wsop starts.
  12. Nope Rudy sucks too I am out! Battled short stack all day shipped it in with Ace rag got called by J7 suited. That was one of the most painfull days of poker ever. All day long I just blinded off and then doubled blinded off and then doubled. If I would have even had decent cards I'd probably have 400K now. I've had tougher tables in the $5.50 rebuy.
  13. Rudy would be a much better choice. I play day two on Tuesday so I think I will pop it in. This place was much nicer in 2004.
  14. Daniel I really think that you should consider banning the whole Rocky thing before the main event. I personally have blacklisted snoop dog from my ipod for the exact same reason. Save Rocky for day five. I plan to pull out snoop dog at that point so that I can go gangsta on people lol.
  15. I survived day 1a brutal table draw with Allen, Elli, CK, and crazy lex. For the most part I just ducked out of the way and let Lex & Elli fire chips back and forth. 21K going into day two. I would imagine my table draw will be better for day two. Actually, I satelited in so picking up the sponsorship money on top of that means that I win even if I don't cash.
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