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  1. When rolling to a party like 6 dudes deep, my friend from high school mentioned that we were packing a "Dude Surprise." That became a well worn inside joke for years, almost spawning a hit rap song, and became my handle during the gold mine years of Party Poker.
  2. I'm raising to about 500 here, and calling a push from either player. Neither player "should" flat call your raise with their stacks and you might induce a push from UTG with 88-JJ hoping you have AK. Sometimes you run into an idiot that just doesn't want to fold AJ/AQ. Even better, I see CO flat call and then shove over a 3-bet with a small pair in this situation occasionally. Obviously AA and KK are in UTG's range, but a lot of players raise at least AJ+ and 99+ UTG nowadays making it a pretty standard raise/call situation. Although UTG raising 4x sort of makes me raise an eyebrow, as some p
  3. I agree with the majority of the replies.I'm always raising this PF, as it defines villain's hands a little better for spots like this. Turn check is standard when the obvious draw hits as betting is basically turning your hand into a semi bluff and you're never calling a raise...you may be losing value to a lesser two pair, but this is such a marginal situation that getting to show down cheaply seems like the priority. I'm never calling this bet on the river without a good read that villain overbet bluffs. It could be a slow played 4 trying to make up value or a flush hoping you have the 4 an
  4. I'm not sure why I didn't take a flop on #20, as it was a small 3-bet and obviously I had position. I'm pretty sure my line of thinking was that I didn't need to play a big pot because I knew I could run the table over and take pots without showdown. In hindsight it was a nitty fold.Hand 31 is total spew, but I have an inability to fold at times and this was one of those times. It did establish a super image for me though, and hopefully limits the people that try to play back at me with marginal hands later on. Or at least that's how I rationalized it to myself later. I guess knowing someone
  5. Haven't posted here much lately, but I've been running pretty hot and playing a little more than usual. Just wanted to post a Hand History from the FTP $10 tourny I took down last night, the second one in the last month.Sorry for the low stakes brag of sorts, but definitely intended to spark conversation about certain hands and situations. I've gone over it a bit, but I'd like people to ask about or criticize hands of interest so that I have to actually type out my thought process.No PokerXFactor account, so it's trimmed using the FTR trimmer. If someone with PXF can upload it, I'll PM the f
  6. So I was cruising through some of my hand histories, looking for leaks....and I'm pretty sure I found a big one. Everything looks like it's going smoothly, grinding out that PTBB/100 then....WHAMMOAppparently I "occassionally" get this disease that causes me try to take down every pot I enter no matter what the action tells me. Somehow the other dude is "trying to to put one over on me," and BY GOD I am the SHERIFF and I am here to do the SHERIFF's workThis one is pretty good:Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.25/$0.503 playersStack sizes:Button: $37.85SB: $26.50Hero: $61.70P
  7. Congrats sir on your win of one pot...you went in the dog though:Board: Qd As Ts Dead: equity (%) win (%) tie (%) Hand 1: 43.5671 % 43.29% 00.27% { KsQs }Hand 2: 37.5915 % 37.07% 00.52% { AcQh }Hand 3: 17.9573 % 17.68% 00.27% { Js9h }Hand 4: 00.8841 % 00.37% 00.52% { Ah6d }
  8. Which Wasicka said he put Gold on while discussing the hand on The Circuit. I mean, I still move my stack in there...but I wasn't looking 2 million more dollars in the face. Wasicka is still one of the most profitable LAGgy 2000NL cash players on the net, so I trust he had his motives even if they were -EV. On an aside, I don't see how anyone can say Cunningham played anything less than great during the final table. I loved his river check with the straight and I don't mind soft playing TP against someone like Gold that has shown a propensity to bet out a lot. As people have previously mentio
  9. I'm pretty sure some players have some great notes on me. Probably looks a bit like this:"Will raise and reraise in position with anything pretty and low""Can't lay down 64s""Saw him raise Q5 UTG!""Will isolate with stupid hands if the pot is big enough""Loves to raise enough to pot commit himself with awful hands""Plays extremely poorly in the blinds"And finally"Will frequently fold to turn check raises"
  10. This tread is the complete story of my life. I try to force myself to pass out early, but it's never going to happen.It's especially true when trying to wake up for those NFL games....I go back and forth on whether this is a good or bad sign.Edit: Oh but I do coke...and by coke I mean O8
  11. Rape is nothing to laugh about......except tonight.
  12. Steve Dannenmann says there is nothing funny about dead hookers.
  13. Darko goes in a 20/80 dog on the turn...DARKO D wins ($21.15) with (Flush, queen high).BOD1955:ouchDARKO D:yea rockets suckDARKO D:especially out of positionDUDESURPRISE:hahaha I had position on youDUDESURPRISE:Position is last to actDARKO D:i raised firstDUDESURPRISE:That doesn't matterDARKO D:when you only call preflopDUDESURPRISE:But, uh, I raised PFDUDESURPRISE:*reraisedDARKO D:call me crazy but i always thought having position is havingDARKO D:the ablility to raise firstBOD1955:just first to actDARKO D:yea exactlyBOD1955:not positionedBOD1955:u have it wrong darkoDARKO D:okiMicro limits a
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