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  1. Don't know where the original is to quote it, but this place is out of control. Nicely done,Seth.
  2. Yeah, damn those funny degens and the retarded, entertaining things they say, damn them to hell, they help make poker watchable and I for one wish that would ****ing die like yesterday.
  3. That's a very good question, and I agree that the whole comparison to Bush thing is very tired. You should get Obama to stop doing it- when's the last time he hasn't whined about "this is my inherited problem?" The difference is this- I knew a month in Bush wasn't the brightest, I also knew that he wanted the best for American citizens, and much of how he believes, I believe. Lower taxes. Freedom of choice unless you fell like killing an innocent, and yes that includes unborn babies. Keep America safe against enemies. Try and not **** up what we got going, you know? Him not being the brighte
  4. I miss it every day. I made a great hourly rate and the job is as simple as it gets. So much easier than listening to people groaning about 40% losses in a portfolio they suck at managing.
  5. Oddly, none of those are in any way, shape, or form offensive to anyone. Bush was dumb- Obama is an *******. How does anyone not get that?
  6. If I had half the shit I gave away as a kid..sigh. Right now I have a Schwinn Predator Freeform I am working on and I just bought a 97ish Dave Mirra Pro on Craigslist for next to nothing, in really great shape. I noticed the pic was from BMX Museum, I love that site. Just got a line on a decent Dyno Detour setup that may be my next project. We'll see. Now that I know you are interested I will send you pics of finished products, before and after when I get a chance.
  7. Might just have to apply next go round to work with you, this is really good. FWIW, I make pants and restore old bmx bikes as a hobby. Well, I don't make the pants as much as take the pants and embellish them.. that's a bad term, I don't like that. Let's say I make the pants better. Like, with skulls and leopard print and flames. Recently I have found that I handle the game much better playing at Casinos vs. Online, for the very fact that it's easier to walk away mentally. What happens at the Casino, stays at the Casino. Thanks for the great post, Steve.
  8. This...... it's in the works. I may have to just start my own. The tagline would be "Still crazy, just less crazy."
  9. Oh, I am not giving up, just staying prepared. If you look at the world and think, X, X or X is a real possibility and I am not prepared, I think it behooves you to prepare, that's all, and maybe I should have been prepared all along, and am just pissed because now I feel I HAVE to. I just want have plans in place if I need to bug out and take care of what I care about.
  10. Not to mention that kind of spelling is what's wrong with public schooling. Why would anybody be all up in arms because someone in government is not qualified? Our president is not qualified, and nearly everyone he chooses. People not being qualified for damn near anything is a huge prob in government. That being said, this gentleman evidently believes in creation and a God of some sort. Big deal- most of you generally argue that evolution does not disprove God, anyway, so why whine about it? At some point you guys just come out looking prejudiced against anyone who doesn't follow your t
  11. One just opened in Surprise,Arizona like 30 seconds from my house. I'll try it tonite.
  12. I like your lose interpetation of facts. It's literally how a guy like Obama gets elected.
  13. I remember that time Bush also made fun of the handicapped on national T.V.! What a rube, you know? It's a good thing he's gone and respect is brought back to the presidency. Good riddance to that hillbilly.
  14. Looked creepy and scary. You notice in the movies they are always evil, right? Don't you remember in Elf, that little guy was an ******* to poor Will Ferrell. You're an angry elf.
  15. Just try and trade your sense of humour and disdain for an MRE in the last days. I dare you.
  16. Actually, it's already being done on a pretty large scale, and done so well they think it's a benefit!! They think they are loved, cared for, nurtured, understood, while the whole time they are used. So, in that way, not only is it clever in that the joke is it's already happening and some are to stupid to see it, it's also very intuitive and smart.
  17. Shit, I meant to include this link:http://money.cnn.com/2009/03/19/news/econo...rview/index.htm
  18. I had been planning the gun shopping for awhile. Also quietly socking away money for a decent boat just in case we need to take to the seas at some point. My Hyundai Santa Fe, while not ideal in my mind but will have to do, houses non-perishable food items and water in every nook and cranny it can fit, and we all have bags packed with essentials just in case we need to move pronto. Obviously precautionary, but I do not doubt the idea that at some point things may get completely out of hand for a myriad of reasons and survival of the fittest may be the order of the day. What are you gonna do,
  19. You had Dodd include the bonuses for fear of lawsuits but congressional action to tax them 90 plus percent will bring no lawsuits? In other news, I went gun shopping yesterday. I cannot justify not being prepared for what very well may be a fight with my own government at some point. Luckily, I have an uncanny ability to compartmentalize and do what should be done in the moment, with no real regret. Crazy talk? Maybe. I don't know. I just am fairly certain that government by the people, for the people, has to at some point be a real concept, even if by force. So, this thread can be about m
  20. At least it wasn't JJ vs. Quad 4's. Go spend time with your mom, man, and God be with you while you deal with life right now. Prayers with you as always.
  21. What the hell is a teleprompter doing at a party? If I needed notes every time we had a meeting at work I would be fired. At some point the ability to think on your feet is like, really cool and stuff.
  22. This made me laugh. Yeah, this can't really be anything but bad long term.
  23. I 100% agree. If it's genuine, that is what his or hers hearts desire is, he will find the truth. Whether or not he listens is another story.
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