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  1. Maybe, but he's a completely correct tool.
  2. I'll take the opposite end of this, if she is a Tranny I will kick in for laundry money.
  3. Have VIP tickets for this:http://www.kdkb.com/article.asp?id=1232440 All hair bands, all day. Especially looking forward to Kix, who are great live.
  4. I missed this reply. I like the assumption that a year means growth- "Cmon, it's 2009, suck a dick why dontcha?" Mind you I could care less what really anybody does and with who past obvious boundaries, but the simplicity in that statement makes me wonder if you have ever considered the opposite, that as time go by and boundaries are broken that what you perceive as growth could very well be something else. "It's 2009" at best just seems lazy to me.
  5. Liar. One time I dreamt I made out with my brother and cottage cheese came out of his mouth. True story. Now, your turn. Go.
  6. Actually, this is really insightful. I have been going through a time of self-unification if you will. Thanks for posting that, I appreciate that. Now, for the next weird dream that makes no damn sense at all. I am living at a house I had when I was a kid, and storms are a brewing. My wife and I are standing in the backyard and I look up Bill Paxton style and say "We need to go inside." We go inside and I grab two flashlights,and we are holding them facing the sliding glass door and my daughter is standing near the door as a gaggle of twisters bit the backyard, one of them carrying a
  7. Umm, I don't know, I am a bit uncomfortable with these labels and pidgeonholing and stuff. I'm gonna have to pass. Who am I kidding? Only Mormons I have ever known were ones I worked with back in the Arbys days and they were conniving as hell, manipulative, made everybody else work Sundays, stayed in a group and voted for each other to get all the rewards. Aside from that general douchery I suppose they were fine people. One had stubby fingers and to this day I equate stubby fingers to Mormonism, but I'm working on it.
  8. I see what you did there.
  9. Well, I didn't leave it for long.
  10. Dude by far. That's not gay, that's just good sense.
  11. I'm don't get way into the math, but I am curious, let's say you have a flop like this: JcTc3s You are holding KdQd and your opponent has TdTs. Let's pretend for this excercise that it's 6 handed, and everyone else folded preflop. You both get it all in, and you are going to run it twice. What's your chance of winning the first time? If you fail, how does the math change for the second go around?
  12. Bitch, too often, stuck up? Never.
  13. This made me smile. Alright, let's cover some ground. No, my bed was not wet, no I did not wake up and whack it. (At least not immediately.) Now, my wife did give me an odd look when I told her I was going to start a thread about it, but she often doesn't get my willingness to lay it all out there. Let's give some details- it was basically an all out fat-ass orgy, right, with various women from my past, to the left and right, front and yes, the back as well. Bodies writhing, strewn all about a bed that was clearly borrowed from Shaq. Then, all of the sudden the women are all to the
  14. Nope, but I haven't left the house, either. What if people can like smell it or something? Like, my gay buddy, when I see him later, will he intuitively know? I'm scared.
  15. Now what? It was a guy from work, to, and he was really into it. Somebody hold me.
  16. Yeah, but only when you throw in illegals, and not being real people they don't really count.
  17. Well, the jews can't be helped, but I say go ahead and give the rest of shot.
  18. That story made me laugh, man, that trick got me every time. I hate being the new guy. In all seriousness, why? What's the attraction? Hey, we'll turn the lights out and we will all play with ourselves, and it will be awesome, because then it will be not only you but 7 OTHER DUDES doing it at the same time. I just don't see the selling point. Maybe I am just the fail at gay,but that can't be it, I usually rule at all things gay.
  19. I can't imagine walking up on Annie Duke without being visibly startled.
  20. Bushs budget is on the way to being tripled. Please forgive Scott for understanding the word tripled. In other news, the new administrations fiscal policies are nowhere near the last administrations. Anyone who thinks otherwise is terrible at the maths.
  21. My poker career took a bad turn when I crossed DN in a few political threads. It wasn't going all that well anyway, but ever since then Aces never hold, not once, so what else am I supposed to think? Ahh, well. I can always sell bottled water on Vegas walkways.
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