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  1. On the other hand, if you are drunk enough and lose your whole roll getting two outered, you will probably have already pissed your pants so it will just blend in .
  2. Whoever hasn't Netflixed Galifinakas stand up CD needs to. Guys on a level that most people just don't get. I thought the movie was good but they showed to much in the previews. Funniest scene was the asian dude jumping out of the trunk but you knew it was coming. I wish I had seen zero previews for this, I would have enjoyed it a bit more. That being said, the last 5 seconds makes it worth seeing a thousand times.
  3. Hey, congrats on the job. Now that that's out of the way, how about you throw the forum a bone and admit that your hatred of Rush is not borne of actually having listened to him?
  4. \] Well, at least you apologized. I kid. Really, the only way to make it last is to never have more than 10% of it in front of you, play a limit that makes sense for your roll, etc. I dont really follow that shit but some say it works.
  5. This is serious stuff, Bob. Here is a link for you:http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/hotstories/6447415.html The chick in this story is my step-sister in law, she used to rent a room from me and my wife. Was at my wedding, lived with my wife and I for a time, etc. Sick, twisted bitch. What the article does not cover is the fact that she is a hell of a poker player. Hell of a poker player, and I consider that to be a referendum on poker players as a whole.
  6. I wish there was even a little part of me that took this seriously, but alas, I have nothing left for this type of question any longer. Let me just yawn real big and leave it at that.
  7. It doesn't matter. America made it's choice, and America is mostly a bunch of people who have no clue. They asked for it, they got it. On a positive note, this whole ordeal has made it pretty easy to weed out people to dumb to talk to, and life is much easier now. Of course, 40% of the people I work with are dead to me now, but hey, I am more productive so there is that.
  8. The day you manage to stick it to me in any palpable way is the day I ****ing kill myself.
  9. I miss the blogs where you would describe what clothes you bought, Daniel. It's been to long and truth is I don't know what to wear anymore. What should I be buying? Track suits? Long sleeve dress shirts? French cuffs or not? Help.
  10. That's sort of the point. When it comes to this administration, show me where I am wrong and I will be the first to admit it. As of now no one is really even bothering anymore as someone pointed out- they have gone so far its indefensible. And we, being not crazy, don't even bother addressing it- whats the point? That's what liberals do, shout all ****ing day until you just want to turn off the T.V.- which, incidentally, is what's happening, look at the ratings of every liberal station. Down. Alot. Fox? Up. Alot. As far as shooting, I was being metaphorical. Grow up.
  11. 100% no shot you ever listen more than ten minutes a week. If you did, even you, who rarely admits when he is wrong, would be forced to admit you are wrong. I am probably one of the angry ones that "left" in this discussion, but really I check in everyday, its just that this administration and pretty much everything going on right no is so WTF? it just gets boring, which is the point. Bombard you with stupidity to the point of exhaustion, have one of your idiots giving some kind of speech everyday until before you know it those who speak against you need hours and hours to address how ****
  12. I suppose this depends on what one takes personal.
  13. To everyone who was constantly twittering through this, thanks. You made work bearable.
  14. Bwahahaha!! Who tithes? Heathen. Grandmas deal is her deal. It's not like my mom didn't try. It would be dishonest of me to try and give her a pass. BTW, Christ was personally offensive, that's why they killed him. So, thanks.
  15. 2, 3 times a day. Oh, you meant poker.
  16. Anyone who can't see Obamas arrogance is buck wild crazy. Oh, it's Nimue. Never mind.
  17. Ozium took down a Satty. Nice job. I created a Twitter account so I could follow you guys sans actually being there. That being said, I will be sending messages all weekend about all the awesome things I will be doing instead. http://twitter.com/Loismustdie77
  18. Without the people at the top organizing/planning/hosting/hiring, there is no economic benefits for anyone. Yes, 5 executives make less money, but 300 staff also make less money. Anyone who can't put that together isn't thinking through the excercise.
  19. I know faith. Many of you have it, you just hate to call it that. You are as blinded by your pre-conceived notions as any of the faithful could ever hope to be. Good luck telling them that. Good luck telling you that.
  20. I wasn't aware I said evolution was wrong? Who are you talking to? I get the feeling you just assume I think a certain way but pretty much have no idea. And, FYI, I can't think of a grandma of mine that has or will be going to heaven. I obviously won't be the one to judge but I know terrible people when I see em. It's not all cotton candy and gummi bears, the scriptures talk about houses being divided for a reason. That's life- everybody can choose his or her own path, and the straight and narrow is just that. So, realize this-without batting an eye I am willing to concede that grandm
  21. You're missing the point. I didn't start this thread. Braveheart didn't start this thread. None of the players that you would think would even have skin in this game bothered to do so. Why do you think that is? Let me help you. Because, when I saw the story when it first came out it never crossed my mind to start a thread with a different spin. Like "How does it feel to have found this really, really old animal and be nowhere closer to knowing how his all began?" Why would I do that? What's the point? The truth is, both sides have faith, it's just in different things, but the one side that
  22. I wish I could help with that. Nobody dislikes who you allude to more than me.
  23. So, a non-religious person starts a thread in the religious forum and somehow that makes you hate the religious? Hey, but you always have logic to fall back on, right? So, there is that.
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