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  1. This is quite possibly the dumbest tournament I have ever played. 4 people are stalling and have been since there were 3100 people left. This is a joke.
  2. In there...cashed the first week (when the tournament froze and was canceled with 900 left. Hopefully no problems today.
  3. I'm pissed, about to go on tilt...anyone want to Nutbar instead on Stars??Table Sarin 2 cent, 4 cent
  4. Anyone in tonight?2nd break, 17000 or so.In under 4MYLEXUSOnly in 21 bucks
  5. outguy who has been action all night wakes up with KK in BB....sigh
  6. Stars 10+1Final Table....medium stack.....Support would be nice....4MYLEXUSTourney 31066562
  7. I've won three pots so far the entire tourney...Guess I'm due
  8. ?You are kidding right?It's a SNG.Jesus Christ.
  9. At least he doesnt make up hand historys. Why don't you just leave and never come back.
  10. I thought you quit poker?
  11. Not hardly. I'm very open about what I do for a living. And let's be honest, if you really think that you look good in an Ultimate Bet hockey jersey or a Poker Stars fleece then good for you, but 99% of that stuff is just plain ugly. It depends.....
  12. Am I the only person who will never wear anything referring to gambling in public or not? I've always been a gambler and always will, but you've got a better chance of seeing god then seeing me wearing "poker gear."
  13. Looks like he edited that for our convenience. They all say 50 now.Go read his blog. The day this donkey even plays a $1000. SNG is the day I win the WSOP ME.Poor guy.
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