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  1. I just opened a netteller account.can I cash out money from party and send it to stars? how long will it take? sorry....never used it before....thanks in advance guys
  2. They are contantly playing 300 600 2-7, Hold em, and Omaha on Ultimate Bet....does anyone know who they are?
  3. We did this a year ago and everyone who participated got "shares" of the qualifier. That's probably the best way to keep up attendence and interest. It was fun to have someone to follow in the Main Event....
  4. guy raises to 4o with 33, I reraise to 125 with AA....flop 10 10 Q....he goes all in, I call......double up....lol other than that my table is freakin TIGHT
  5. donkeys....party poker...... :shock:what table you guys at?Im at 50
  6. hes sitting 300 600 talking about his match with DN saying "let the war begin"
  7. I was at the Orleans Open last night and was playing with a girl who dealt the Series. He put 75,000 down as a tip, his friends pulled him aside and he took the money back. Thats the story....she said nothing about the 100 dollar bill.
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