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  1. Currently opened with Poker Rooms are the Imperial Palace and the Isle of Capri. 9/10 tables at Isle of Capri, 15/16 at the Imperial Palace. Isle is nice because it's away from rest of casino/sound but little cramped if full. IP is nice but if completely full(only seen that once, but only been a couple of times) it can get cramped as well. Both have many ex-pat employees from the Grands(Biloxi and Gulfport) so are well run and staffed. Both have had 1/2 NL and 4/8 Limit, busy nights have included bigger NL and Limit games as desired by players.Good Luck
  2. He complained about insults and the like.Thus the insult is hypocrisy.Try to keep up.suppose the entire post was meant to conceal the intended cleverness, then there is no hypocrisy because the true feelings were the cleverness and not the post.just keeping up.
  3. It's not really hypocrisy if cleverness was the only intended goal.
  4. Anyone besides me know what acronym means?
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