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  1. hmmm that stinks. i would raise more on the flop... you've got a pot of about 11 bucks. I would rr the 3 to maybe 12-15. rr to 9 is fine pre flop, but not post. I think I fold here because this looks to me like a very poorly played 67 or something like that. It COULD be a set once in a while, but not often enough for you to make the call. imo
  2. Lee Nelson is an outstanding poker player. You, sir, have no clue what you're talking about.
  3. you tend to find that people in $5.00 sngs are not the sharpest pencils in the pencil case.
  4. OMG OMG you will need TWO jars of peanut butter with all the jamming you should be doing on that flop, man!!! Are you kidding me?!
  5. This is where you make money over inferior players: they shove here and you fold. I mean, what are you hoping to see here? A straight / flush draw is probably the worst hand that you'll see and guess what: you'd be a small underdog. Most likely hand by far is 55,44,22 trying to scare away a flush draw. You can trick yourself into believing that #1 has A5 and #2 has 33 but that would just be foolhardy.
  6. you raise to 300 +/- $50. 250 is fine if you're a sick tourny player just lacking a br. It sounds like you may be more a beginner / intermediate. For that reason I recommend a raise to $350. I also recommend that you buy the Harrington on Hold em books (vol 1, 2, 3)
  7. Looks fine. I question the pre flop raise. I would just limp, and play a smaller pot. This is because the "small ball" thing actually does work. I know it's totally cliche on this site to say that, but it's true. Play smaller pots early on. As play, fold in that spot 100% of the time
  8. Well put, sir. I've final tabled 3/6 of the 20s that i've played. the play his weak and people will make bets like this without the jack all the time. I would hear some warning horns, but you got to call...
  9. Brenes is a nice guy. He's tons of fun and willing to talk to anyone in the card room.
  10. without a doubt,BigSanta. He's a great player, but he's a complete A-Hole.on the other side, Evanski, evanski's friends, and genius28 are all super chill. Many people don't seem to care for that phil gordon fellow much...
  11. If you wont go broke here, then you shouldn't be playing poker.
  12. Putting someone like this on AA or KK when you have a set would be an INSANE read. With your stack size and the money in the middle, and the fact that it feels like AK makes me say PUSH!. You haven't played with the man long enough to talk you out of pushing. Also, your odds of cashing / winning go up immensely if you double up here. He could really have any ace and be thinking that he's slow playing you. People are not computers. Just because is c bets a lot doesnt mean he's c betting a solid hand here. This is an easy push.
  13. Yes. I've doomswitched over a 10k hand period before. I actually had some of my friends who are big time players look over my hand history at every bigger hand that i lost. Two things came from it:1. I am the unluckiest player in the game (behind mike matusow)2. Despite the fact that 85-90% of the hands were just coolers, I had small leaks in my game that I should look to repair. What often happens when in a such bad run is that you go on a sort of "mini tilt". You will overvalue top pair, or straight draws, and these things erode your bankroll. If you play the game with any seriousne
  14. not sure i fully understand the question... you're asking why good players make more money than bad players?Pretty simple: they make better decisions. Most decisions in poker are FAR from being 50/50. If you're actually interested and not just shooting the **** i suggest you read sklansky's Theory of Poker. It actually puts the idea i just crudely presented into the form of a theorem.
  15. If you play with 5 buy ins you will probably go broke. The best players will go on cruel swings. Especially in games were players will make crazy calls, having the proper br is so important.Read the other posts: they seem like they have pretty sound advice and they have not been awake for 20+ hours.
  16. Seriously, one day I will figure out how I could be making 100-200k a year playing poker while going to school, and the next day I "quit". Then the next day I quit. Then I feel like i am the greatest player ever again...btw, what i did to build my br was use my br to buy into one deepstack tourny and i got 4th in it... 1K and i was off to the races. Since then, I've decided that I cant play tournys with either good enough structures or big enough money with my br. Damn, I'll just have to wait until I can play that super tuesday thingy... Assuming I don't quit.The only reason I write so muc
  17. Boning my my craft?Horny my craft?I see it just enough to agree.
  18. No offense, but your friend is a retard. Good players can make 100s a day and actually earn a decent living playing stakes as low as .25/.5 (if you 8-12 table). If you want good strategy and a good place to post questions on microstakes, I'd recommend you make an account on twoplustwo.com. Heres a link to the microstakes page: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/postlist...Board=microplnlStart playing .01/.02 and just play abc poker... don't try anything crazy, only bluff in the form of continuation bets which you should make often... Value bet thin, and don't try to slow play. They'll pa
  19. I bet at least two oranges and some watermelon on that flop. not too much though because you cant cont bet shorties for as much $ as real players. I could easily see him have 57, 85, flush draw and doing the same thing... hmm. I think it's BARELY a fold, but then again I don't know how bad the players on ultimate bet are.
  20. As played, you can't fold! There are about a million hands that he would have. A pair and a flush draw, 10 10, AJ. Most playes at tehse levels SUCK. I would probably call, and see the river...
  21. Daniel's strategy can only be applied to deepstack tournys. If you have no chips, then you can't play small ball obv.
  22. Not exactly true... yes it is true, but it requires explanation.Example: (theoretical) I sat down with Phil Ivey in a hu battle for 1million dollars and we were both deepstacked. I got dealt AK and pushed all in. Lets say Phil has 10 10 and has correctly put me on two overs. He's sure of it. In fact, lets say I turn my hand over! Phil should fold because though this is a +ev spot for him, he'll probably have a for more +ev spot later. You should fold K9d pre flop and wait for a bigger hand to double through utg donk. He might actually have a hand like k9 beat, and I am pretty sure that
  23. this'll make you feel better:I am currently on my largest downswing of my life. It very depressing and today the total hit 3 million dollars. It began the last two days of live play when I lost 1.8 million dollars and has continued online by losing another 1.2 million. I have been getting destroyed by pretty much everyone I play. I think overall I have played pretty well in this downswing besides one night where I was very tired. I have almost completely busted my FTP account and may have to wire more money which would be very depressing. If this happens I will probably take a few weeks off po
  24. Weirdest deuce play i've ever seen was performed out the window of a speeding car.
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