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  1. Let me guess: two joints alone in your bedroom?
  2. yes i have.yes they are. Although Daniel's book is actually more about his being a werewolf than about poker.
  3. I raise the flop. Oftentimes that little bet is what some geniuses like to call a "defensive bet". They believe that you will only call them and they get to sneak a peak at the turn for $6. I'd put him on a draw after that bet and raise the heck out of him on the flop... But then again I play FAR more sngs than cash games so I am by no means the best poster on this site.
  4. confused until i saw your favorite poker game was razz.GL sir for reals. Though I am a little sad that i wont be seeing you in any of the lower limit turbo sngs on stars.
  5. Easy games. End of discussion. rule: the more complaining there is, the better the game... people who write angry words in chat boxes are not only douche bags, but the tend to tilt easily and have no clue about playing quality hands instead of results.
  6. Is Daniel calling Todd Brunson soft? If so, is he referring to his belly or his poker game?"1.8 now and cruising at a soft table. Raymond Davis and Todd Brunson"
  7. I mean, it would be. I think probs one of them will make the final 6.
  8. Good luck today Daniel. I still win my $200 bet of you finishing in the top 10 of the POY race if you take this event down...
  9. did he REALLY table KJ?To answer your question: yes. your line is fine. Especially if your opponent is a calling station or lagtard.
  10. Daniel's chill when i met him. He even came out to joke about a bet on made on him finishing top 10 in the poy race. Good going daniel, costing me 100 bucks. jk
  11. Concur. You misplayed this hand, sir. The reason why lagtards are easy to play against because all you have to do is nit it up. Anything different from this strategy loses you money. I would have folded 97 pf against such a fool as your opponent. You ONLY value bet / raise against donkeys in micro cash games.
  12. I think you're DN too. If by DN you mean Danny Nguyen.
  13. My ROI in these is about 200%, and all i do is play straight up nitty tourny poker. I mean, if you're any good at all in tournament play I honestly think you need no more than $150- $250.These are also tournys where your success will be better if you play more tables. You'll over think WAY too much if you only play like 1-4 of these. If you play like 8 then you can make the mechanical right play over and over again.
  14. well, you can rr to like 1200, but why? Just push. Esp. in a $5 sng where every single player at the table is a tardass.
  15. the right play is to rr pre flop. Then, you should raise the flop.. .wtf are you doing calling? Then, you should raise the turn... wtf are you doing calling. When you play passive, ridiculous things happen to you. be more aggressive and at the very least all the money will go in when you have the wayy best of it. He'll probably fold. They guy's play isnt that bad at all. on a nothing board he fired two bluff shells at you (one of them with outs) and then made his hand bc you didnt blow him off of it. Record your mistake and stop making it. You'll make more $$$
  16. bet more on flop, bet more on turn, river is just unlucky... you made mistakes in this hand though.Given, your mistakes were not as bad as his, but they were still there.
  17. these people are wrong. you must value bet / raise thin at these stakes.You got to raise the flop with an over pair. His most likely holdings are AK-AJ.
  18. you smooth call on the flop is bad. your smooth call on the turn is really bad. In fact, I think "smooth" is the wrong word here. How about... your rough and cumbersome calls are bad.
  19. what seat are you in? i put his range on AK, JJ-AA. if you have enough chips then call and try to stack him.
  20. tell us how the hand played out... i am really curious!
  21. Agreed. I really doubt he would play a set of 3s like this. This looks like KJ, K10... MAYBE KQ protecting this two pair from a hand like J 10. I would ask him if he had KQ and then look for him to give away that hand... if he doesn't then I call. If DOES... then i fold.
  22. take a flop and be careful, duh... and this spot is much gayer... not that there's anything wrong with that!!!!!!!!
  23. *shrug* this sng was not for very much $$$ was it? to answer your question: I am pretty sure you make that call everytime unless I am off on the stakes of the sng. You have good reason to believe this player sucks, hence his range is loose.
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