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  1. I maintain i can play high quality over 300 sngs... any moron can enter 300 sngs.
  2. I maintain i can play high quality over 300 sngs... any moron can enter 300 sngs.
  3. I mean, it'd be 1k a week playing 6.50sngs not including fpps... and not playing on weekends.
  4. yup. But i can play over 300 if i need to.
  5. 1k in a day would be nutty... I've never even heard of a rush like that before.
  6. how much money you have? Actually busto... or like $25
  7. Ok, 1 day sng challenge.1:1 $100 prop betI bet anyone that I can make $200 in one day playing the 6.50 turbos on stars. I have to play at least 300 sngs.1. It would start this Saturday at 9:00am central time and end 9:00am sunday (at the latest)2. No buy outs3. I will not be allowed to throw chip dumpers in the game for me4. If you are a regular / have friends who are regulars, they cannot play in the 6.50s just to hurt my expectation5. Obviously, I will be playing all of the sngs myself. I don't have tourny manager... so i am open to how on earth we would keep track of this. How much d
  8. Now, when you say boobies are we talking chessboard, peaches, or mellons?And are we talking gravity defying or .. non gravity defying
  9. It'd be so baller if they only gave $ to the top 9... probably wouldn't get any fewer entrants.
  10. ... you hear Steel Reserve on CNBC and think mmm malt liquor!
  11. 8:19 PM EST - "Ivey is directly on my left"Lol donkaments.
  12. It's also amusing to see all of our religious posters sinning against their own God.Lemme explain: Cheering the death of someone you don't like is your form or getting vindication or enjoying wrath... a very dangerous sin. Also, speaking for God as to who is saved and who is not is also a very bad sin (pride). Only God knows who's sins are forgiven and who's are not. Also, if you believe in the divine plan, then you should know that Carlin HAD to be here. He had no CHOICE! It seems very odd to turn the knife only days after the guy died.Hah
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAvery clever, sir.I always like seeing the really dogmatic ones create their own vision of God. It's amusing."OOHHH GOD WILL BURN ALL THOSE PEOPLE I DONT LIKE WHEN THEY DIE!""George Carlin died because he he didn't believe in GOD!"I mean, how far does your head have to be up your a$$ to believe that?
  14. 10-1.... that's a total sucker bet. They'd be starting the event with what... under 2% of the total chips in play? Say that they are THAT much better than everyone else in the field (which they arent), I would want at least 20:1. And that's still -ev for the 20:1 guy. Now, if you want a fun little bet just to make watching updates interesting, go for it! I have negreanu winning HORSE, ME, or POY at 5:1 for $50 bucks. From who I talk to the real odds are anywhere from 4:1 to 8:1.
  15. How to play the bubble is the million dollar question. It's by far the hardest and most complex part of a sng to play. What you have at play here are the following:1. Hanging on for a cash (bad in mtts, imperative in sngs)2. High blinds squeezing you dryIf you don't play that many tables I agree with the previous replier that observe who you can steal from and who you cant... if you're playing like 16-20 tables that is harder. In general, you want to do you absolute best to hang on for the cash, and NOT get blinded out. Like, if you are short stack with 1250 utg with 4 left and you have Q
  16. you call here you best be making a very specific read... Like AJ, AQcc, A10cc... If you dont want to gamble your stack here in these positions you throw it away and just look for a better spot to make money. I may work it out at higher stakes where there is less dead money. Here just get rid of it and just pimp slap one of the customers.Notice how long i've been a member here. I rule.
  17. is the cash out for under 1K? I know that for cash out s over 1k they send the check via VIP super bada$$ mail or something.
  18. I mean, in the 4.40s like 50-75%... at least.
  19. You should crush the 4.40s. It wont take very long to see proficiency. In 100 tournaments you should be showing a decent profit. The 20s are different. You could run cold for 100-120 buy ins... I am really into the turbo stts though. I only play the 180s once in a while.
  20. haha yeah 5:1. Yeah, see because I don't yet have the BR to play any events, the only way i can keep my interest in the series with with betting. I already won my DN winning a bracelet bet. So, time for something new. If I win this one, I'll have my dn bracelet winnings and dn poy winnings raining all over the Kahoots strip club in Columbus when I get back to school.
  21. So I've got $50 on negreanu winning at least one of the following three: POY, HORSE, ME. The odds are 1:5. I feel like it's steal. I'd put reasonable odds at like 1:3 or 1:4. Thoughts?
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