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  1. Dude, over 106 hands make such a specific read kind of absurd.
  2. Okay, get ready for some tough love:This is a horrible lay down.Unless you're playing in the tightest 25nl game of all time, i see KQcc, A10, 99... hell i've seen people turn up crap like 66 in this spot. 25nl players are awful.Correct line: re raise and get it in on a draw heavy board. I would even throw A9 in his range. I beat 25nl 10tabling over 30k hands at 6.45 bb/100 so i have some clue what i am talking about. I would reraise to something like $14 and get it in.
  3. Absolutely right. This a draw heavy board and you want the monkeys to get it in with overvalued draws on the turn. 25nl is all about value towning people. Heck, 50nl is all about value towning people. You'll make 6-7bb/100 at 25nl just value betting your good hands.As for the river, you need to call. A10 is monstrous. Putting him on a set here would be a remarkable bordering on foolish read.my 2 cents.
  4. Dude, this Amanda chica seems to be overwhelmed by Daniel's charm. Observe.http://www.worldpokertour.com/
  5. Must push jj here its unexploitable.
  6. but you cant 20 table $16sngs at the borgata.
  7. LOL.. I highly doubt he's beating me in my games. I SWEPT bingo last night biatch!
  8. possibly what did you have in mind
  9. only a retard bluff shoves here. It's a kamikazee play and one you that can capitalize on... just not now. foldand dont raise 5X... just a personal thing. Whenever anyone raises more than 3x i get queezy and whenever anyone raises more than 4x i vomit a little in my mouth... unless its shove time in stts.
  10. I love how melo's evidence that he's a good poker player is the fact that he was able to scrap together what looks to be 20 or so $100 bills. His online poker stats are beyond pathetic (among the worst I've ever seen). His sng roi is -30%. I think I would do better 16 tabling the $27s if I always had to play 7-8 shots deep. My guess was initially that he ran sick in one poker tourny... but that's not true. After checking his tourny stats, I've found they suck equally as much as his sng stats. Then again, he's just a kid. Maybe this will be a good lesson that people who act like chach's
  11. His articles are absolutely awful. Message to the kid: you don't rise to the level of your dreams; you drop to the level of your training.
  12. He has like 75k. The guy's one hell of a poker player and will probably make a deep run this year. He's my pick to win the ME (with odds of course ;-) ) I think a lot of you need to relax. "I HOPE HELLMUTH DIES BECAUSE HE DOESN'T SHOW AS MUCH CLASS AS I WOULD LIKE!!" I mean, dude, caaalm down.
  13. Like an old woman is about to buy the last ticket to see the new batman.
  14. Suspected terrorists... who knows how much evidence we have against them... oh wait the court does! oh wait...
  15. I want to play 40 tables of micro cash, but my left monitor only takes the first 9 tables and then forces my poor right monitor to take the rest. Does anyone know how I can fix this?hug and kisses,Ralef
  16. whatever works for you, sir. Played any O8 tournaments?
  17. 5:30 AM EST - "364k and wish we could go all night"ah they have pills for that, sir!
  18. ram: wah i dont want to pay you, phil, wahphil: wah i want my moneys wahram: wahivey: wah.
  19. 6.50 regs can play... but if you play like the 16s normally then no 6.50s for you.I would have to play... sets of 21 tables. proof that it's me playing? Not sure how that would work. I would be on my stars name. I am not sure who your friends are but mine both suck at poker and would not play 300 sngs in 24 hours for me. No way to prove that, i guess.Though if you look at my results, it would really not be in any $16 + player's best interest to do this bet and take a % of the profits. They're making too much in their own game. In my game, $100 is a reasonable amount. It wont break my br
  20. haha... i appreciate tham. They make the work day fly by.
  21. nah its a lot of sngs...If you play 12 tables continuously (bust one open another) you play about 16 an hour... 160 in 10 hours 320 in 20 hours... if you dont stop.
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