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  1. I guess the first step is figuring out what you want from poker. If you are just looking to play recreationally then casual study of older books is fine, but if you want to become competitive beyond this point....honestly dude, most (all) of these books won't improve your game. Any really applicable information will be expensive ($100-$1,000 for books) because winners don't give away strategy for cheap. You want to buy things that will increase your poker IQ; that will get you thinking why do better players do what they do moreso than what do they do. Learning what a squeeze play is or whatever can actually hurt your game if you don't understand the logic behind the play. Hellmuth is a great player, but his strategy tends to compartmentalize players and oversimplify the game. Instead of learning to adapt to various shades of grey, he just teaches figuring out what box your villain goes into and then countering with a simple strategy... Frankly, it stinks. I would suggest subscribing to leggo, deucescracked, cardrunners or something and playing as much as you can and discussing spots you have trouble in with people who don't suck. Even if they're worse, its good to have a different set of eyes look at your trouble spots.

  2. Without a specific read, this call was certainly wrong and will lead to an overall loss of funds very quickly.Every "big play" we make at the table has a shot at working out a small percentage of the time.But just because we encountered one of those times where we succeeded, it does not validate it as being the right play.Instead, the success just encourages us to continue our wrong ways.And eventually (usually sooner than later), our lesson is learned and we lose everything because of it.The fact that you are boasting about this loose call seems to confirm that you will continue this practice.And that does not bode well.Good luck.The answer to your question is clearly stated in this exact hand.On a double-paired board, Ace Highs love to go along for the ride.And for whatever reason, on these boards, they seem to believe a huge bet less than a small one.I shove with my big hands here every single time.And get called with junk all day.--CM
    Eh, it's a player based call. I only bum hunt 200nl games so I never have more that 4 of them open. I was watching this dude close because he was also at like 6 of my 100nl tables. I would agree, it would be unwise to call shoves all the time with A-high and up. I thought that was obvious, but I guess I'm wrong. Right now 200nl regs are better than me, and it will probably stay that way because I dont have the time to invest into poker to get my game that smooth. I'll stick to either 8 tabling 100nl or playing tons of 50nl while just bum hunting higher games. CM, what stakes do you play where you shove big hands 100% of the time on 2 pair boards, and how do you do in those games?
  3. If you were so sure you were good why not raise the turn instead of giving him a card to get there. Love hero callers.
    Call turn because I think my hand has showdown value. I fold riv if the card is a J,Q, H or if he doesn't make a bet that's so obviously a bluff.
  4. also depends how many tables you play:9 tabling i'd have 12 bi downswings25 tabling i'd have 22bi downswingsyou wont see how good you really are until you've played about 1k sngs at least. Preferably 5k. Just keep track of any leaks you may have. For example (chips always short on the bubble? maybe you're too tight; constantly busting in 5th or 6th... maybe too loose... just dont take it too far and get pissed when sb v bb the bb wakes up with kk, qq, AA, Ak, AQ when you're 5 handed.)There's plenty of value in lower level sngs, but if you wanna beat anything $16 or above, I would recommend getting sng powertools and making sure you have no major leaks, because if you do then you wont win. There are a lotta regs making a living at the 16s and they're sick. no value in them unless you work super hard on your game.

  5. Thats what I figured. It bugs me that they dont give more details though. I play FT and Pstars because being the biggest, im hoping that their security will be the best.
    stars yes, full tilt no. 25+ people successfully hack durrr's acct a day and need to prevented from taking his funds. Pretty sure fluffdog's acct got hacked on fulltilt too but not positive.
  6. Bet 4 on flop if he calls I probably check turn. If he bets I fold, if he checks, I check call river as long as flush draw doesnt get there.As played, fold to raise on river. ... IMHOYou're trying to extract maximum value from draws and lose the min against poorly played monsters.

  7. I fold here. Sometimes you just have to let yourself get bluffed. You're out of position and just guessing whether or not he has it. More often than not he does. If he were a shorter stack donk, then go right ahead and call, but he's a 100bb deep (reg?).

  8. Last night i went to a .05/.10 home game and it was hilarious. I just wanted to post up a hand that i thought were priceless.The first was maybe 20 hands in, effective stacks of about 10$ a person. Folds to button who raise .3, SB calls and i call the extra from the BB with A-Koff. I know i should raise here, but considering the SB, i was sure he'd bet into me. Flop comes out A-5-4 (rainbow). SB checks, i bet .4, button calls, SB folds.Turn is a K. I check, he bets .75, i call.River is a 5. I check. Button checks. Button shows 4-5 for a full house. i showed A-K and laughed in his face. worst check behind ive ever seen considering my line. I would have probably donked off 2-4$ if he bet. Ive seen worse. But i just thought it was pretty terrible.
    This hand is so riddle with mistakes:1. RR preflop for the love of god2. .9 in pot on flop, lead for at least .653. Lead turn (his most likely holdings are a weaker ace, a draw, 2 pair or a set) with enough history i guess you can check raise turn. River... I mean, i guess if you know he has a 5 a check is good. You make money in mirco games by flopping big hands and betting. The biggest mistake micro players make is floating too many cards. You should capitalize on this by betting your big hands. My opinions for whatever they're worth.
  9. i don't know where people are getting the idea that 5, 10, 20 buy ins is enough to play if you can't go broke. You need at least 40 bi to ensure not going broke. when I was coming up my 3k br fell to 1850, then my 4k br fell to 2550. It happens and it sucks. If you want to beat variance, give yourself 40 bi and make sure you're good enough to beat the game you're in.

  10. Wonder if the action will be policed in any way. For instance, what would prevent someone from having a partner who would play half the tables.
    no it wont be policed. For reasons i really dont feel like articulating, i'd put ivey, durrrr, antonius and benyamine at the bottom of my most likely to cheat list.
  11. I'd say around 600 a day for three days after my deposit so far. After the three days I generally either cash out (most likely) or lose it all.I've read Daniel Negreanu's Hold 'em wisdom for all players, Super system 2 obviously, Negreanu's power Hold 'em (to learn all about small ball) and Phil Hellmuths one (waste of £8).I'm gonna sound like a noob now but whats rakeback?And yeah I guess stopping taking out my winning is a given.Thanks very much for your help :club:
    Well, for every hand you play you give a % to the house (the rake). It's how these sites make money off of you. Because pokerstars has better software than every other online cardroom, the other cardrooms offer you back a % of your rake if you sign up through a rakeback site (raketherake.com is the one I use).Having this rakeback is HUGE. For example: worst losing streak of my life: down close to 20 buy ins... with rake back i am down only 11 buy ins and was able to keep playing at my level, made back my money and then some, and went on about my business.
  12. get a new acct using this:http://www.raketherake.com/you want 40 buy ins in your account.Eventually, you'll want to buy pokertracker so that you can look over your hand histories and spot leaksPlay as many tables as you can (while still playing well), and as many hours as you can (while keeping your quality of play high)Also, start posting question hands on the twoplustwo.com forumAlso, all of the US servicing sites are getting harder. Stay on party.

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