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  1. That makes perfect sense - I want to charge the max, since there isn't enough money behind. It makes me shiver to think I might've folded if he nemisis shoved on top off utg+1. Or if that 4th diamond came on the turn instead of the river and I decided to save my $40 when he shoves....uggggh.
  2. I'm telling you, he usually plays 1/2, but he's been at the 2/5 table lately...and he's blown up on me a few mores time since...lol I'm talking about shoving over the $20 bet...there is still about $200 effective behind (nemisis has about $240). I know once it gets back to me after i do the $120 raise, I have to call though.....it's just the nemisis was weak tight, so folding actually entered my mind, as bad as it owould be. lol @ C...that would've been sick if i done that... I had to re-read what you wrote a few times, lol, but you're right....cause actually, had they seen me throw it away,
  3. I was leaning towards a set, and then, especially with the time he took to call utg's shove, it made it more likely. Now, i would think he would raise utg+1's $20 bet with a non-nut flush, and had he called quicker (or with less hollywooding), i may have been inclined to believe he had a nut flush and fold...but it's tough even in that spot.No he didnt have a flush...i ended up just calling the shove, and on the turn, a blank hit. Nemesis then shoves for the rest of his $40, which i obviously call. Now, if a 4th diamond hit, i would've folded, as crazy as it may sound ($40 into a 600+ pot..
  4. You mean I should have just shoved over the $20 bet? That probably would have been best, because it eliminates me from folding (which I may have done depending on how nemisis called)...at the same time, doesn't shoving have some drawbacks?and corvair, i'm the one who's a bad player...so dont worry, your thinking is probably fine.
  5. Ok, 2/5 live game. I'm on the button with 9/3 suited. I know, i should just fold this hand. My original plan was to actually raise (due to the 5 limpers in front of me), and hopefully take the dead money. But, right before i was about to raise to $50 (with the $50 in my hand), this other player, whom i won a pot off of earlier, said "6/7 suited again?"....he was referring to hand where i raised 3 limpers with 6/7 suited, and he and the BB called my $25 raise. flop came ace, king, 9 with 1 club. i c-bet half the pot when checked to, and when bb folded, this player, whom we'll call "nemesi
  6. It wasn't a serious dent, but i lost about 1100 online. I played mostly, 25nl and 50nl, occasionally chased losses on 200nl...however, it was clear that i was out of my league, and should have stuck with playing 10nl or 25nl at most. the thing is, when i was playing online (i probably did about 30 hours total), my live game became too aggressive because of 6max, and i strayed away from what i was doing when i was winning live. so, hence i started a losing streak in live games as well.I'm not sure if i can play both at the same time, and for now, i should stick to either live only or online
  7. Hey Provotrout, how's it been going? Haven't seen an update from you...i had a really rough april, but recovered some losses at the end of the month...my hourly dropped like crazy due to spending hours online and going bust (online that is)...currently at about 175.75 hrs total, for +5895, 33.54 hrly
  8. thanks....i see what u mean. clearly betting the flop was best.
  9. really good point...i guess i need to start looking at things a bit different...i dont want to sound even dumber than i already do, lol, but what rio? isn't it roi? i tried googling it, but i dont get anyting related to poker..
  10. i definitely agree here...most of the time, waiting for the turn is the obvious "live" play. but because of the nature of these two opponents who could have nothing in this spot, i wanted them to catch up a bit....although villian 2 should have something at this point..what happened, after i raised, villain 1 folded, later claimed he was just trying to pick up the pot, and villian 2 went all in...he went it with 8/9 off..lol. a fourth heart came on the river...so if i flatted, it would have been terrible, as he wouldn't call a river bet - but that's just being results oriented...but i think
  11. so, on the turn, you think i should have raised less?
  12. i would think most of the time, i would raise the flop, if i had, said A/5 or something of that nature...but because i know for sure no one has a 5, isn't raising here scream of a 5?? especially if i'm raising a bet and a call?
  13. I have pocket 5's in the cutoff. There are about 3 callers in front of me, as well as the blinds, and the button calls as well. 8 players to the flop. UTG leads out for $20 on the flop.....flop - $405 5 8 two heartsutg bets $20 (stack size is over 800. he's a thinking player, and unpredictable...probably one of the better players at the club - he could have anything in this spot)utg + 1 calls $20 (stack is about 350. he's aggressive, and will call and push light. his range when he calls are straight and flush draws, and 8's. He usually has no overpair in this spot)everyone folds to he
  14. it is huh?...would you say fold>shove>call? or fold>call>shove? i'm assuming you are saying fold is the best option...i'm not saying call was the best option, but i thought it would be better that shoving...i think i would probably call in that spot, depending on my mood to gamble...but you think shoving is better than calling? and we are pretty deep to call no?
  15. It's 60, not 80...and I'm not saying it's the best play, but I'd rather call the 60, hope original better just calls to get more $$ in the pot, then shove and be crushed. I dont mind losing 60 instead of shoving my whole stack to find out i have little chance to draw out..but that's me..
  16. why do u think flatting was terrible? i think it was ok, as well as folding. i think shoving would have been terrible, because you could be (and were, imo) crushed...i know u drew out, but calling $60 isn't as bad as shoving and finding out you are way behind. had sb re-raised the 60 on the flop, then you can fold and lose your 60, which would be bad, but still not as bad as shoving. i think it's close between folding / calling.i really think QQ should have called on the turn, if he felt AK was calling as well...
  17. i agree, standard call...value call, etc. but, with such a dry flop, no draws really, except for maybe 5/7 or 7/9 for an open ended, what can i really put him on, except an 8 or better? maybe he could be betting a 6.... i forgot to include stack sizes, which i have now did....and i agree with you, usually i'm either close to even or way behind, or slightly ahead....but, he could have big cards that missed, and hoping i'm in the same boat....anyways, see above for turn play
  18. whatever happened to posting the results OP?
  19. i dont mind the call preflop, but i dont like the raise on the flop.as played, firing wouldn't be that bad if u've seen him fold before.
  20. how do you guys normally deal with the flop donk bet, when you flop a marginal hand..for exampleHero is in cutoff with 10/8 suited clubs. Everyone folds to him, who raises to $20BB is the only caller. BB had defended his blinds more than average. we got involved in a hand heads up earlier, where he raised my turn bet after i barrelled twice (i was the pflop raiser) - he limped, i raised, everyone else folded. flop came, i bet, he called. turn came, i bet, he raised, i folded. - he might've done this with air/semi bluff, so maybe he felt confident against me.....other than that, no other o
  21. finally decided to play, after 4 losing live sessions in a row, as well as losing my internet deposit. broke the streak with a 900 win....phew....
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